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Vegetarian pasta recipes

In case you missed it, National Vegetarian Week is underway. Promoting the benefits of a veggie diet, what better way to celebrate it than with tasty vegetarian pasta recipes.

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Good Friday Fish and Chips recipe

Did you know it’s tradition to eat fish on Good Friday? This is because Christians believe Jesus sacrificed his flesh on Good Friday. Therefore they abstain from eating any flesh that day, choosing fish instead.

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Easter Lamb Recipe and Side Dishes

We love Easter because it’s a time for family, reflection and lots of chocolate! Besides chocolate eggs, a lamb roast is an essential part of an Easter Sunday meal. With that in mind, using our Halowave oven we’ve got a quick, easy and tasty Easter lamb recipe.

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Leftover Recipes: Food Waste Action Week

Whether it’s a fussy toddler refusing food or a forgotten veg at the back of the fridge, running a family home can result in food waste

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British Pie Recipe Ideas

You can’t get more British than a pie for dinner. So, for British Pie Week, we present some very delicious savoury British pie recipe ideas that your family will be sure to love!

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Easy Cornish Pasty recipe

This week is Cornish Pasty Week, a celebration of the delicious, hearty pastry snack. Here we give you an easy Cornish Pasty recipe so you can make a batch of them yourself. But first, let’s explore some facts about Cornwall’s finest culinary export!

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Valentine’s Brunch: Recipes you’ll love

Whoever thought up the idea of brunch was certainly onto something. The idea of a leisurely wake up followed by a meal that is neither breakfast nor lunch but sits somewhere gloriously in between is the perfect way to indulge this Valentine’s Day.

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Packed Lunch Ideas for Kids

From uniforms to stationery, new school year prep can feel overwhelming as September approaches. That said, as very busy parents and carers we cannot be blamed for leaving stuff until the last minute, especially as the Summer holidays felt like they came and went in a flash!

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Tasty Vegetarian Recipes for every meal!

We don’t know about you, but we love a good challenge. National Vegetarian Week, running from 10th to 16th of May, invites everyone to go veggie for a week.

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