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It’s time to sit back, relax and give yourself some well-deserved pampering with our amazing range of massage and relaxation essentials. Whether you’re looking for a foot massage machine or a DIY back massager, we have something to relax and soothe you from head to toe. Release the tension from everyday stress with a relaxing bath and a bath massage cushion home-spa experience. The time has come to wind down and switch off, you deserve it

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  1. Dr Ho's Motionciser

    Dr Ho's Motionciser

    Sit-down, vibrating, warm foot movement system for tired feet, ankles and knees
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  2. Hy-Impact
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    Cordless, deep-tissue muscle massager gun
    Special Price £39.99 Regular Price £79.99
  3. Posture Doctor

    Posture Doctor

    Posture corrector to relieve neck, back and shoulder strain
  4. DR Ho Circulation Promoter
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    DR Ho Circulation Promoter

    At-home T.E.N.S foot massager and circulation promoter
    Special Price £124.99 Regular Price £149.99
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  5. Calming Heat

    Calming Heat

    Massaging, weighted, vibrating heated therapy blanket pad
  6. Colorama TV Offer - Bundle
    Save 72%

    Colorama TV Offer - Bundle

    The 51 piece colouring, doodling and drawing set
    £9.54 Regular Price £54.98
  7. Oh My Bath - Citrus

    Oh My Bath - Citrus

    Soak yourself slimmer to drop a dress size-Citrus
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  8. Leg Ramp

    Leg Ramp

    The inflatable leg support cushion
  9. Colorama (Inspiration)
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    Colorama (Inspiration)

    Adult colouring book full of angels, animals, nature and more!
    Special Price £1.99 Regular Price £9.99
  10. Foot Warmer & Massager

    Foot Warmer & Massager

    Remote controlled, soothing foot massager
  11. Perfectback Rest

    Perfectback Rest

    Chair back support & massager
  12. Colorama Expressions Adult Colouring Book
    Save 84%

    Colorama Expressions Adult Colouring Book

    Artistic, relaxing colouring book & six pencils
    Special Price £1.99 Regular Price £12.99

21 Products

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