JML Social audit policy


JML is a UK based company who specialise in sourcing and supplying TV products to retailers and consumers. We operate a global supply chain, managed by our Product Development team in the UK. Most of our products are sourced from China which represents the area of greatest risk of exposure to, and association with slavery and human trafficking. Procedures in place include policies covering corporate social responsibility, ethical trading, working conditions, child labour, Health & Safety and training for relevant people within the business.

JML are committed to ensure the wellbeing of all involved in the manufacture and supply of our products. We recognise the ETI base code as the minimum level of compliance and require all our factories to sign up to our code of conduct to ensure procedures are in place to cover the following:

• Employment is freely chosen;

• Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected;

• Working conditions are safe and hygienic;

• Child labour shall not be used;

• Living wages are paid;

• Working hours are not excessive;

• No discrimination is practised;

• Regular employment is provided;

• No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed;

Our suppliers are expected to disclose the full factory name and address of all entities producing goods for JML. Any changes in the manufacturing site must be approved by JML management in advance.

We require all factories producing goods with an annual turnover with JML of over $100,000 to be audited annually by a third-party audit company. JML will work with suppliers to find suitable solutions where factories are not meeting the requirements of the code. However, in cases of persistent breaches of the code or lack of willingness to take corrective action, we reserve the right to discontinue the relationship.


Review 2022

• The Covid pandemic continued to affect our supply chain in China with many audits being delayed. However we are now back on track and following up on the few outstanding audits.

• Despite the many pressures post pandemic has placed on our business we have continued to maintain our Amfori(BSCI) membership and are currently tracking 53 business partners within our supply chain.

• We have reviewed and engaged with 50 factory third party social audits, 45 of these have a current audit that is less than 12 months old. No critical failures have been identified. 4 factories are currently engaged in updating social audit status. I factory has decided not to progress with any further social audits we are currently working with them to resolve this point.

• To ensure we don’t over burden our suppliers we also recognise and accept social audits from SMETA, ICTI and WRAP.

Plans for 2023

• Continue to review and improve our processes to further develop our system to ensure we have a robust supply chain that meets our policy.

• Continue to build on our supply chain within the Amfori platform

• Ensure new members of the team are trained and to continue to raise awareness of slavery, forced labour and human trafficking

This statement is approved by the board of Directors.
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