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At JML we’re all about everyday life, everyday chores, everyday problems and everyday solutions. In this area of the website we’ve created a collection of blogs on a variety of everyday subjects that will inspire, inform and entertain you. Some will make you think, and some will be helpful for hints and tips, while others are just interesting to read and could take you on to bigger and better things. Whatever you use these pages for, we’re sure there’ll be something here for everyone, from how-to guides and recipe tips, to health and beauty advice and celebrations of special days in your calendar. So, take a look around our Blog section and you can be sure it won’t be long before you find something here to make your ‘everyday easier’.
Christmas Tree Baubles

Christmas Tree Dressing Day –Unique Tree Ideas

This year is certainly looking to offer us a unique Christmas. Whether you’re seeing family and friends this Christmas or […]

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations: Wreaths, Lights and More

From lights to foliage, to colourful baubles, Christmas is a time to get creative when it comes to decorating. The […]

Gift wrapping

Christmas Gift Wrapping – How To Wrap Like A Pro!

Gorgeous gift wrapping is an art that many of us aspire to but few of us achieve! The appearance of […]

Winter Stew

Easy winter stew recipes

The wonderful thing about stews and casseroles is that they always taste as if they have taken a huge effort […]

Skincare Routine

Winter Skincare Routine

As the dark nights roll in and the temperature drops, any summer tan we might have had has likely faded […]

Christmas on a Budget

Christmas On A Budget

This year more than any other, will likely see more of us looking to celebrate Christmas on a budget. The […]