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  1. Invictus X1 Accessories

    Invictus X1 Accessories

    Turn your Invictus One vacuum into a reach-anywhere cleaner
    As low as £29.99
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  2. Invictus X1

    Invictus X1

    The incredible, powerful, cordless smart-slim vacuum
    As low as £99.99
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  3. Scratch Solution TV OFFER
    Save 71%

    Scratch Solution TV OFFER

    Car paintwork scratch repair system PLUS portable car mini vacuum
    £19.99 Regular Price £69.98
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  4. Foam Jetter

    Foam Jetter

    The car spray head with built-in soap for total cleaning
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  5. Foam Jetter Car Shampoo

    Foam Jetter Car Shampoo

    Wash and shine car shampoo for your foam jetter car cleaning spray head
  6. Mantis Complete Kit
    Save 19%

    Mantis Complete Kit

    Instant Shine, Scratch Remover & FREE Cloths
    £19.99 Regular Price £24.97
  7. Platinum 20 Sec.TV Offer
    Save 50%

    Platinum 20 Sec.TV Offer

    Complete car care kit removes scratches in just 20 seconds
    £39.97 Regular Price £79.97
  8. Mantis Wheel Brush

    Mantis Wheel Brush

    Bring your wheels back to life with Mantis
  9. Mantis Microfibre Mitt

    Mantis Microfibre Mitt

    Clean, buff & polish with this double-sided mitt
  10. Dust Daddy

    Dust Daddy

    The vacuum attachment that gets in the tiniest of spaces
  11. Mantis Windscreen Cleaner

    Mantis Windscreen Cleaner

    Clean the hard-to-reach areas of car windows
  12. Platinum 20 Sec.

    Platinum 20 Sec.

    Removes scratches and scuffs in paintwork in just 20 seconds

18 Products

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