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Here at JML we offer a wide range of quality, affordable kitchen essentials to help you utilise your space in the very best way. At the heart of the home, the kitchen is a constant hub of activity, which requires everything from cookers and ovens through to pans, knives and storage. Discover our captivating range of kitchen appliances, alongside our popular collection of copper kitchen accessories to complement your decor and bring character to your kitchen space. Our essential kitchen catalogue has everything you need to impress loved ones and make everyday easier

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  1. GoChef Bumper Offer
    Save 5%

    GoChef Bumper Offer

    GoChef Cooker, Quick Chips & fondue forks
    £77.16 Regular Price £84.97
  2. GoChef 5-in-1 Grill & Press

    GoChef 5-in-1 Grill & Press

    Multi-functional grill & panini press
  3. Halowave Oven

    Halowave Oven

    Cook 40% faster than a regular oven - 10.5L
    As low as £59.99
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  4. GoChef Soup Maker

    GoChef Soup Maker

    Multi-purpose blender, juicer, cooker & steamer
    As low as £69.99
  5. GoChef


    Roast, boil, fry, steam, bake, slow cook & more
    As low as £69.99
  6. Halowave Aircooker Deluxe
    Save 50%

    Halowave Aircooker Deluxe

    Healthy halogen air-cooking with rotisserie function
    As low as £49.99 Regular Price £99.99
  7. Halowave Replacement Bulb

    Halowave Replacement Bulb

    Repair your Halowave easily if the bulb breaks
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  8. Halowave High Rack

    Halowave High Rack

    Cook on two levels in your Halowave Oven
  9. Halowave Flash-Frying Basket

    Halowave Flash-Frying Basket

    Make chips & more in your Halowave Oven
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  10. Grill Circle Accessories Set

    Grill Circle Accessories Set

    A non-stick saucepan, vented simmer lid, steamer and fondue forks.
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  11. Halowave Extension Ring

    Halowave Extension Ring

    Increase the capacity of your Halowave Oven
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  12. Halogen Handbook

    Halogen Handbook

    Halogen Oven recipe guide for healthier meals

21 Products

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