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We’ve been creating established household names and award-winning brands for years, from essential cleaning products to car care, DIY and even fashion and beauty brands. Here, on JMLdirect.com there are some you may already know and love, and some that might surprise you, each with the peace-of-mind that you always get with JML.


At JMLdirect.com, your opinions mean a lot. We welcome feedback from all our customers and invite reviews and comments that help us to keep a close eye on what you think and how our products are performing. JMLdirect.com is where you can see what other users have said about our great products to help you decide what works best for you.

Buy JML Products on the high street

JMLdirect.com is, of course, an online shopping experience that we believe will give you everything you need to shop with JML, but you can also see many of our products, with our famous video displays and demonstration videos, in thousands of high street stores from Wilko’s to Asda, Boots and even Argos, not to mention the many stores outside the UK, in countries all around the world.