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  1. Night Hawk

    Night Hawk

    Wireless, super-bright motion-activated LED security spotlight
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  2. Star Shower

    Star Shower

    Amazing outdoor laser-projected light system
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  3. Light Angel

    Light Angel

    Motion activated, stick up, LED light
  4. Flex Steel Hose - Parent

    Flex Steel Hose - Parent

    Flex Steel Hose - The most durable, lightweight, flexible hose you'll ever need!
    As low as £24.99
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  5. Paw Print Lights

    Paw Print Lights

    Decorative LED solar garden lighting
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  6. Tough Max Torch

    Tough Max Torch

    Ultra-bright, super-tough torch
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  7. Star Shower Slide Show
    Save 66%

    Star Shower Slide Show

    Moving, fully coloured-in festive images projected onto your home
    Special Price £19.99 Regular Price £59.99
  8. Star Shower Laser Magic
    Save 71%

    Star Shower Laser Magic

    Covers your home in a festive light show
    Special Price £19.99 Regular Price £69.99
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  9. Atomic Beam Lantern

    Atomic Beam Lantern

    Super-tough, mega-bright, magnetic LED lantern
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19 Products

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