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Easter Lamb Recipe and Side Dishes

We love Easter because it’s a time for family, reflection and lots of chocolate! Besides chocolate eggs, a lamb roast is an essential part of an Easter Sunday meal. With that in mind, using our Halowave oven we’ve got a quick, easy and tasty Easter lamb recipe.

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Love Lamb Week – The Perfect Roast Lamb Recipe

Established in 2015, the Love Lamb Week celebrates the love of farmers for their work and livestock whilst encouraging enthusiasts to consume more lamb. And what better way to repay the farmers’ efforts than with the perfect roast lamb? 

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Easter Recipe Ideas 2021

After a year of lockdown and social distancing, this year’s Easter is more than one of the most important Christian holidays. It will hopefully mark rebirth and new beginnings, so you shouldn’t let it pass unnoticed. And what better way to celebrate than with a three-course lunch or dinner? Here are a few Easter recipe ideas to get you inspired.

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