Pancakes Recipes from Around the World

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Pancakes Recipes from Around the World

Pancake Day is just around the corner, and the best way to celebrate is with pancakes that are famous around the world. Certainly, nothing can beat a tasty English pancake to start your day, but why not pair them with another type of pancakes this year? Check out these perfect pancakes recipes from around the world for inspiration!


Pancake Day is synonymous with delicious English pancakes, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they top our list of perfect pancakes from around the world. Made with plain flour, butter, eggs, and a mixture of milk and water, fry these thin, flat cakes on both sides in a flat pan and top with the traditional caster sugar, lemon wedges, and lemon juice. Balancing sweet and sour flavours perfectly, English pancakes are a great idea for breakfast but also as a dessert after lunch or dinner.


Apparently, French crepes look just like the English pancakes. The main difference is the size (crepes are bigger, thus usually cooked in a bigger pan) and the fact that crepes are only cooked on one side. The other side is usually topped with ham and cheese whilst the crepe is still cooking, then folded in half and then in half again. Like English pancakes recipes, traditional crepes have a neutral taste and are equally delicious served with sweet or savoury toppings.


Spongy and fluffy at the same time, Moroccan pancakes are made with semolina instead of flour, and use dry yeast and baking powder for the honeycomb effect. These pancakes are incredibly light and airy, making them easy to eat one after another. Moroccan baghrir is traditionally enjoyed with butter and honey, but they also pair amazingly with hard boiled eggs if you crave a savoury treat.


Traditionally Austrian but widely known as German scrambled pancakes, kaiserschmarrn is an excellent alternative to the traditional pancakes if you don’t have the patience to fry perfectly round pancakes one after another. The German word literally translates to scrambled pancakes, and these small sweet bites can easily satisfy all palates. Traditionally, they are made with rum-soaked raisins added to the batter and sprinkled with sugar and applesauce, although many people also like to pair them with jam.


Also known as flapjacks (no, not the sweet, dense cake made from oats we know as flapjack here in the UK!) – these pancakes are now popular worldwide thanks to their fluffiness. American pancakes are usually topped with maple syrup and bacon – the American style, super-crispy rashers. These pancakes are now popular worldwide thanks to their fluffiness. If the maple syrup and bacon combination feels odd, top them with whipped cream and fresh fruit.


One of the most impressive pancakes recipes from around the globe, these Asian pancakes are a real crowdpleaser!

Dubbed the cloud pancake, the Japanese soufflé is the definition of airy fluffiness. They feel like eating candy floss and have a delicate, subtle flavour that can satisfy those who don’t really like traditional pancakes. These pancakes are slightly trickier to make, as most soufflés are, but the result is truly worth the extra hassle. Enjoy with your favourite toppings, from fresh fruit and whipped cream to chocolate or ice cream.

Japanese Souffle Cloud pancakes photo by Nauris Pūķis on Unsplash


The main difference between a traditional pancake (or crepe) and Russian blinis is that the latter is a smaller, slightly thicker pancake made from buckwheat flour. Usually enjoyed as a savoury treat, Russian pancakes are often topped with melted butter, sour cream, salmon, and even caviar. Thanks to their neutral taste, though, all kinds of fillings and toppings are possible, including plenty of sweet and savoury options.


If you love potatoes, chances are you’ll love Irish boxty too. Made from potato leftovers, this recipe stays true to the traditional Irish countryside cuisine. Irish boxty combines raw with cooked mash potatoes, salt, flour, and milk. They are traditionally served plain or topped with your favourite savoury things, from hard boiled eggs to bacon. A nice choice for a healthy breakfast.


Ireland isn’t the only country that thinks pancakes and veggies go well together. Japanese cabbage pancakes come as a less common alternative to all other pancake recipes you might have tried over the years. Though traditionally made with dashi powder, you can make them without this ingredient if you want to give them a try. Serve them with Japanese mayo or Okonomiyaki sauce. For the best results, make these pancakes in a wok pan.


More of a fritter than a pancake in the true meaning of the word, the Korean Jeon is another amazing alternative to pancakes if you love Asian food and would love some variation this Pancakes Day. Serve these simple flat cakes with vegetables, fish, poultry, or seafood. They’re perfect for breakfast or starters. Fry them in a quality frying pan on both sides until golden and serve with a spicy soy dipping sauce to stay true to the original recipe.


Each country has its own traditional pancake toppings, but this doesn’t mean you can’t add some variety and top your pancakes with other sweet or savoury treats. Here are some ideas.


  • Jam
  • Ice cream
  • Whipped cream
  • Fresh fruit slices
  • Nuts
  • Nutella
  • Toffee sauce
  • Compote
  • Pineapple sauce
  • Applesauce


  • Scrambled eggs
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Honey-glazed bacon
  • Cheese
  • Sautéed mushrooms
  • Feta
  • Sweet corn
  • Salmon
  • Seafood
  • Vegetables

Now that you’re spoilt with ideas, celebrate Pancake Day in style! So, what do you say? Which pancakes inspire you besides the traditional English ones? Would you rather stick to sweet or try a savoury alternative?


Pancake Day falls a bit flat without some decent frying pans.

Here are some of the best:

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