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Good Friday Fish and Chips with slice of lemon

Good Friday Fish and Chips recipe

Did you know it’s tradition to eat fish on Good Friday? This is because Christians believe Jesus sacrificed his flesh […]

Easter cake decorated with icing and chocolate eggs

Easter Pudding Ideas

As a time for family, Easter is a brilliant time to make some delish desserts! With this in mind, here […]

Easter roast lamb recipe

Easter Lamb Recipe and Side Dishes

We love Easter because it’s a time for family, reflection and lots of chocolate! Besides chocolate eggs, a lamb roast […]

Easter baking -person inserting Easter themed biscuits into iced cake

Easter Baking Recipes 2021

After 40 days of Lent, many of us expect nothing but to indulge in a celebratory cake. From traditional Easter […]

Easter crafts of painted eggs and bunny shapes

Easter Crafts for all the family

Easter brings sunshine, warmth and the promise of warmer weather to come. It’s a signal to unfurl after the cold […]

Easter egg hunt - basket of colourful Easter egg on green grass. Decorative bunny ears are placed on the basket

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

An Easter egg hunt is a great activity for families. It can be one big free-for-all where everyone scrambles to […]