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  1. Chillmax Go Fan
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    Chillmax Go Fan

    360⁰ powerful, portable cordless fan
    As low as £14.99 Regular Price £19.99
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  2. Mighty Bamboo Cloths

    Mighty Bamboo Cloths

    Super-absorbent reusable and naturally antibacterial bamboo fibre kitchen cloths
  3. Bambillo Comfort-Fit Mattress Topper

    Bambillo Comfort-Fit Mattress Topper

    Turns your old mattress into the most comfortable thing you might ever sleep on!
    As low as £229.99
  4. Motion Brite

    Motion Brite

    The motion-activated, easy-fit indoor night light
  5. Super Bright Switch

    Super Bright Switch

    Super Bright Switch: Super-bright 'stick and flip' light switch - Pack of 2
  6. Dust Daddy

    Dust Daddy

    The vacuum attachment that gets in the tiniest of spaces
  7. Snap Screen

    Snap Screen

    Self-closing, mesh screen door
    As low as £9.99
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  8. Bambillo Spare Pillow Case

    Bambillo Spare Pillow Case

    Spare pillow case made from bamboo-rich fabric
  9. Auraglow Plugin Uplight (Parent)

    Auraglow Plugin Uplight (Parent)

    Instant, plug-in uplighter with no wires or cables
    As low as £14.99

9 Products

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