The heat is on, and we're all feeling a little hot and bothered... AND we're heading into a long hot Summer. Our best-selling, unbeatable Chillmax range of personal cooling products will keep you cool and let you chill out at home. Why not get yourself a private oasis of cool at affordable prices, while stocks last? Once the heat really is on, you'll be glad you got YOUR Chillmax in time to beat the heat!

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  1. Arctic Air Freedom

    Arctic Air Freedom

    Hands-free, wearable, personal air cooler and purifier
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  2. Chillmax Go Fan

    Chillmax Go Fan

    360⁰ powerful, portable cordless fan
    As low as £19.99
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  3. InstaChill Air and Room Cooler

    InstaChill Air and Room Cooler

    Free-standing, mobile air and room cooler
    As low as £149.99 Regular Price £199.99
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  4. Chillmax Air
    Save 40%

    Chillmax Air

    Personal space air cooler and humidifier
    Special Price £29.99 Regular Price £49.99
  5. Chillmax Pillow

    Chillmax Pillow

    Cooling gel pillow that absorbs body heat
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  6. Chillmax Cooling Towel

    Chillmax Cooling Towel

    The ultimate drying and cooling towel
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  7. Chillmax Air Go

    Chillmax Air Go

    Portable, take-anywhere personal cooler
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  8. Chillmax Air Mini Tower

    Chillmax Air Mini Tower

    Portable, oscillating personal air-cooler that uses just water
  9. Chillmax Neck Fan

    Chillmax Neck Fan

    Hands-free, wearable, portable dual fans you wear around your neck!
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  10. Chillmax Go Fan Cool Mist

    Chillmax Go Fan Cool Mist

    The portable, battery-powered fan that actually produces a cooling mist
  11. Chillmax Air Replacement Filter

    Chillmax Air Replacement Filter

    Filter replacement for your Chillmax Air personal space air cooler and humidifier

11 Products

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