Pots & Pans

Pan Rack
The perfect way to store your pans
Only £19.99
3 Non-Stick Durable Pans with FREE Lid 
NOW £69.99 WAS £99.95
Copper Stone Pans: 28cm Wok
The intensity of stir-fry meets the beauty of copper
Only £29.99
Copper Stone Pans: 28cm Griddle Pan
Healthier, quicker and cleaner sizzling grill and griddle pan
Only £29.99
The strength of stone and the beauty of copper
From £19.99
Copper Stone Pan 28cm Lid
28cm heat-resistant glass lid with a steam-release vent
Only £14.99
Temperature-indicating ceramic pans
Only £79.99
Ceramic & copper combined in the ultimate pan
From £29.99
Scratch-resistant, non-stick, frying pans
From £19.99
2 non-stick, heavy duty frying pans
Only £39.98
Save £15! 3 non-stick pans & 28cm Aroma Lid
Only £69.99
Regis Stone Wok
Non-stick for healthier cooking
Only £29.99
Regis Stone Griddle Pan
Heavy duty, non-stick, griddle pan
Only £29.99
Cast iron, ultra-strong cookware that lasts
Only £79.99
Country Cookware Caserole Dish and Lid
Cast iron, enamelled, ultra-strong cookware that lasts
Only £49.99
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