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  1. Genie Mineral Foundation

    Genie Mineral Foundation

    For an instant, smooth, youthful finish
    As low as £17.99
  2. Lash Magnetics

    Lash Magnetics

    Reusable, magnetic eyelash extensions for instantly longer, fuller lashes
    As low as £19.99
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  3. Beaute Brush

    Beaute Brush

    4-in-1 Make-up brush you can use anywhere
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  4. Lash Ease

    Lash Ease

    Fibre-technology lash-extension mascara for length and volume in one application
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  5. Max Lash

    Max Lash

    Volumizing & lengthening brush-on fibre lashes
  6. Glasello Disinfection Stick

    Glasello Disinfection Stick

    Protection from bacteria on glasses, cans and even cutlery
  7. 3 Second Brow

    3 Second Brow

    Perfect natural-looking eyebrows in seconds
  8. Genie New Lash Enhancing Mascara

    Genie New Lash Enhancing Mascara

    Eyelash thickening/ lengthening booster
  9. Contour Magic

    Contour Magic

    Contour, highlight and bronze to define your look
  10. Carolyn.K Define Your Eyes

    Carolyn.K Define Your Eyes

    The complete make-up set for beautiful eyes
  11. Genie Eye Cream

    Genie Eye Cream

    Hydrating, plumping & firming eye cream 15ml
  12. Genie Make Me Blush

    Genie Make Me Blush

    Shimmer-free face glow make-up & brush

12 Products

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