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Woman demonstrates how to wash your face with the Finishing Touch Flawless Cleanse

Cleansing 101: How to Wash Your Face

Have you ever wondered what the secret to bright, healthy-looking skin is? It isn’t makeup. The key to healthy skin […]

Woman using Finishing Touch Flawless Ice Roller

Face Massage: Tips and Benefits

One thing a year of shop closures highlighted is just how much we took our monthly salon trips for granted. […]

Woman exfoliating skin

The Benefits of Exfoliating Skin

Have you noticed that your skin’s natural glow has dulled of late? The secret to restoring your skin to its […]

how to get smooth skin - photo of woman moisturizing her legs

How to Get Smooth Skin: Advice and Tips

Aren’t you tired of rough or flaky skin? Smooth skin has always been a symbol of flawless beauty and having […]

Skincare Routine

Winter Skincare Routine

As the dark nights roll in and the temperature drops, any summer tan we might have had has likely faded […]