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Look after your feet with these tips

Nobody wants unsightly rough, dry skin on your heels and a chipped pedicure, but it’s not feasible to have weekly pedicures especially as the cost of living rises.

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Easy At-Home Body Hair Removal

For most women, body hair removal is synonymous with painful procedures at the beautician. Even the traditional at-home methods often involve pain. From waxing to corded or cordless epilators, getting rid of the annoying fuzz on your body can be daunting.

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How to Do Your Eyebrows: Guide and Tips

Eyebrows that are overgrown, overplucked, or of the wrong colour can become a focal point for all the wrong reasons. If you don’t want to end up with brows you dislike, but don’t want to spend heaps of cash at a beauty parlour either, you should learn how to do your eyebrows like a pro at home

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Get a Salon-Ready Manicure at Home

If it is true that first impressions matter, then your hands are a sort of business card – one of the first things the people you meet will notice. 

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Cleansing 101: How to Wash Your Face

Have you ever wondered what the secret to bright, healthy-looking skin is? It isn’t makeup. The key to healthy skin is cleansing properly. Learning how to wash your face properly is crucial – because no, a splash of water and some generic soap won’t do. So, let’s delve into the matter.

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Easy At-Home Facial Hair Removal

As you age, facial hair changes. We produce less oestrogen, meaning that testosterone causes hair to grow on female bodies where men tend to have it – on our face

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Face Massage: Tips and Benefits

One thing a year of shop closures highlighted is just how much we took our monthly salon trips for granted.

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The Benefits of Exfoliating Skin

Have you noticed that your skin’s natural glow has dulled of late? The secret to restoring your skin to its former glory could be exfoliation. Find out what exfoliating skin involves, its benefits and how to do it properly by reading on.

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How to Get Smooth Skin: Advice and Tips

Aren’t you tired of rough or flaky skin? Smooth skin has always been a symbol of flawless beauty and having it can make you look younger. But how exactly do you get it? Without further ado, check out these advice and tips to get your skin from rough to smooth as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

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