How to Save Space in a Small Fridge

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How to Save Space in a Small Fridge

When you have a small fridge, you need to be creative when it comes to making the most of the space inside it. Here at JML we understand that better than most, so here are a few ways we think we can help.

In any kitchen, storage space is one of our biggest concerns, and no more so than in the fridge. So, having a small fridge, especially with a family to feed, can make buying and storing food in there seem like a huge challenge. Well, we’ve risen to that challenge and have put together a great selection of space-saving kitchenware and food storage solutions to help you get the most of every inch inside your fridge.

Use space-saving food storage containers

Storage containers are great but they tend to be rigid boxes that don’t always fit the food, so you’re forced to put small, odd-shaped items into larger containers just to get the lid on, and that’s a waste of precious space. Plus, they need to stack in such a way that no gaps are formed. Our clever Stretch And Fresh boxes have stretchy lids so any lumpy food that sticks out a bit can still go in the right-sized box! Our Skinny Stacks fridge trays have the same flexible lids but are slim, like trays, so you can seal and lay pre-cooked food and leftovers on top of each other and save a huge amount of room!



Incorporate a lazy Susan into your fridge

With a small fridge, the small problem of not being able to access things at the back becomes a big problem because you need to put so many things together on the same shelf. You don’t have the luxury of everything being positioned, with easy access, right where you can see it, but that means you have to keep removing so many things just to get to the stuff at the back. Our Smart Spin revolving fridge organiser lets you bring things from the back round to the front without disturbing anything else.

Vacuum seal your food

Batch cooking is not only a great way to save money but it’s also a time-saver too. But having multiple portions in your fridge can take up a lot of room, so why not vacuum-seal them? This way the food is kept fresher for longer and the bags take up Way less space than a plastic box! Our Vac pack Fresh comes with three sizes of storage bags, or, for bigger items or oddly-shaped food that needs a vacuum seal of its own, there’s the Food Sealer that lets you seal any length of food!

Keeping your fridge storage as efficient as possible can save you so much time and money. With less time spent cooking smaller meals and less trips to the shops, storing food is an essential part of any home kitchen. So don’t let that small fridge space stop you from making the most of the space within it, try our great storage solutions and get every inch of storage out of any fridge!



If you are looking for other ways to streamline your kitchen, why not check out our range of kitchen accessories or food preparation products? We’ve got something for every kitchen that we’re sure will make your ‘everyday easier’.


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