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Homemade Christmas decorations

The wonderful thing about Christmas is that if you’re passionate about adding seasonal decorations to your home, is it a fantastic time to indulge your creative streak and go just a little bit overboard. If you want something more personal than shop-bought decorations, our homemade Christmas decorations will have your home looking fabulously festive in no time at all! All you need is a sewing machine, a glue gun, and a little inspiration to create Christmas decorations that look wonderfully bespoke.

Homemade Christmas decorations - gingerbread ornaments

1)   Glitter baubles

If you have children, then there is a good chance that you will have glitter in the house. More importantly, your children will love using it. Glitter is a great tool to use when it comes to homemade Christmas decorations, it looks fantastic with your tree lights bouncing off it and sparkling.

The simplest decorations to make with children and glitter involve covering plain baubles in PVA glue and then adding glitter. You can also use it to decorate little wooden shapes like stars that you can buy from any good craft shop. Add a piece of contrasting ribbon to the bauble so that you can hang it from your tree or pile them in a glass vase for a gorgeous Christmas table centrepiece.

Glittery baubles

2)   Felt shapes

Another ornament that is easy to make is festive felt shapes. You can use a sewing machine, such as the Magic Stitch Deluxe to stitch them together for decorations that last for years, or a glue gun could work too. The easiest type of decorations to make are flat ones. Think snowmen made out of white felt, Santa, Rudolph, and of course little green Christmas trees. Cut the main shape out and then decorate them with smaller pieces of felt that can simply be sewn or stuck on to create the desired look. Sequins make great mini baubles on felt Christmas tree shapes, and small twigs make great snowmen arms. Don’t forget to add a loop of ribbon or nice gold string to hang them up with.

3)   Walnut Reindeer Faces

While many people may not particularly like walnuts, their shells can be recycled to make great small decorations for your tree. These are ideal for a smaller tree or even threaded onto a long ribbon to make a garland for your tree. Carefully drill a hole into the top of half a walnut shell (this is for your ribbon) add a couple of dots for eyes, a small red pompom and a couple of brown felt ears to make a mini reindeer face.

4)   Orange slice garland

Whilst we are looking at more natural items that you can use to make decorations, dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks make fantastic, fragrant garland. The orange slices are easy to create at home by drying slices of different types of orange in a low oven of around 90°C for roughly 3 hours. To do this, lay the slices on parchment paper and then baking trays. Use natural twine to thread them together to create a garland once they are completely cool, or pop them in a glass bowl for some Winter-ready potpourri.

5)   Pompoms

If you have lots of small balls of wool in the house left over from other projects, then you could make some cute decorations by creating your own woolly pompoms. Think of pompoms as soft baubles with texture, and you’ll realise they’re also a great alternative for your tree if you have small children or even pets who are liable to knock the tree over. Thread them onto long strings to make a modern alternative to tinsel or onto individual ribbons to make baubles. You could also glue a couple together with your trusty glue gun to create larger ornaments.

If you don’t wish to make them by hand, pompoms can usually be bought in bulk from any good craft store. Stick a paper hat on top and use a small shop bought pompom for a nose and you have a fluffy, and incredibly cute Christmas decoration for your tree that costs very little to create.

Remember, there’s no need to complicate homemade Christmas decorations for them to look incredibly effective on your tree.

6)   Cookie Decorations

Gingerbread garland

If you love craft and you love baking, then combine the two to make some edible homemade Christmas decorations. Gingerbread makes a great festive base for decorating or if you prefer, a sugar cookie dough will also work well. Roll the dough out thinly and remember to make a hole for a ribbon or string before popping them into the oven on baking parchment. If you wait until they are cooked before making a hole it can damage the biscuit, making it unsuitable as an ornament. But all is not lost, they make a great sweet snack! Either make them into ornaments for your tree, or even create a gorgeous gingerbread garland.

7)   Mini yarn hat ornaments

If you love knitting, or crochet, then put your needles to good use and create tiny bobble hats and stockings to hang on your Christmas tree. This is a great way to use up all those odds and ends of wool that always seem to be left over after any project, which don’t really seem big enough to use but you hate to throw away.

8)   Origami tree decorations

When it comes to homemade Christmas decorations, the season brings you all sorts of handy materials that will be perfect for creating your own decorations. Wrapping paper is the perfect example, and if you always have odd little bits of paper that are never quite big enough to wrap anything in then why not use them to create miniature origami decorations for your tree. Create a range of things like origami stars or baubles that can be made using small offcuts of bright paper.

Of course, there is no reason to stick to Christmas type designs if you really fancy a tree full of origami birds made out of Christmassy paper then go for it.

Hopefully, these decorations will give you some great results, and when people comment on your unique Christmas décor, you can proudly tell them, they’re all homemade.

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