A Guide to Cleaning Hard Floors

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A Guide to Cleaning Hard Floors

Get some great tips and some amazing products to help you keep those hard floors in tip-top condition!

We love hard floors but, just because they’re not carpet, it doesn’t mean we can ignore them and leave them to their own devices. Cleaning your hard floors, whether laminate, wood, marble or tile is essential to a great looking and hygienic home, and each surface needs its own kind of cleaning.

Cleaning your Hard Floors on a Day-to-Day Basis

  • Dry Wiping: We don’t always need water and detergents to keep hard floors clean, a dry wipe can be all that’s needed with the right cloths or dry mops.
  • Sweeping: Larger floors are a pain to wipe by hand so the old-fashioned brush, sweeper or broom has never gone out of fashion. It worked for our ancestors and it works for us today.
  • Vacuuming: Modern floors collect the dirt of modern life so the vacuum cleaner has become the go-to for people looking to pick up dry dirt and debris as they go and get where a broom can’t.



Top Tips for Mopping Hard Floors

  • Using Disinfectant: A good disinfectant will kill germs, as well as lifting grease from kitchen floors and soap scum from bathroom tiles.
  • Dust Removal: A dry mop can collect dust from the air, and that can then stain floors when the mop is wet, so giving your mop head a good shake before dipping in the water is always advisable.
  • Top Tips for Vacuuming and Mopping: Choosing the right vacuum brush head and accessories when vacuuming your floors can stop damage from occurring. While hard floors are, of course, hard, they can still suffer from scratches and tiles can lose their gloss if too harsh a vacuum head is used.



How to remove stains from hard floors

  • General Stain Removal: the gentler, the better when it comes to removing dirt stains, most hard floors won’t absorb stains from mud and scuff marks, so they can be removed with a gentle, circular motion to avoid damaging the floor beneath.
  • Oil Stain Removal: Oily stains, such as cooking oils and body may need an alcohol-based detergent or a soap, such as liquid-based detergents, mineral spirits or acetone, to break down the surface tension because just using water won’t penetrate the surface of the oil. 
  • Drink Stain Removal: stains like tea, coffee, or red wine can look terrible and are very common. But be wary of using harsh cleaners like bleach that can leave a permanent pale spot. Always try out a small section of floor, out of view, that won’t be too obvious if this does happen before cleaning the stain with strong cleaners.



How to clean hardwood floors

  • Avoiding Excess Liquid: Wood can expand and warp if saturated with water so always avoid applying too much when cleaning them. Instead, try concentrated cleaning agents with a dry mop which is sufficient for most solid wood floors.
  • Oil-Based Treatment: An oiled floor is a thing of beauty but it requires an oil-based cleaning agent or the stain won’t go away. Many oil-based cleaners include oil treatments that not only clean but add to the lustre and protection of your hardwood floors.
  • Steam Cleaner Caution: Some stains require an intensive clean but always try to avoid using steam cleaners on wood floors, steam can create potential damage, discolouration, and warping.



Our Top Cleaning Products from JML to make cleaning your hard floors easier

Wizz mop: This versatile mop features advanced microfiber technology, ensuring efficient dirt and grime removal without leaving streaks or residue on hard floors.

Invictus x1: With its powerful suction and versatile attachments, the Invictus x1 offers a comprehensive cleaning solution for hard floors, effortlessly removing dirt, dust, and pet hair without faffing with cables and plugs.

Maxxmee Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Experience hands-free cleaning with the Maxxmee robotic vacuum cleaner, equipped with intelligent navigation technology to cover every corner of your hard floors for daily cleaning without the physical labour.

Invictus x9: The Invictus x9 delivers unparalleled cleaning performance with its multi-surface capabilities and ergonomic design, making it ideal for maintaining hard floors with ease.

Microfiber Supper Mitt: Say goodbye to stubborn stains and spills with the Microfiber Supper Mitt, designed to absorb moisture quickly and effectively from hard floor surfaces.

Hurricane Spin Scrubber: Tackle tough grime and dirt with the Hurricane Spin Scrubber, featuring powerful scrubbing action and interchangeable brush heads for deep cleaning hard floors, especially grout between tiles.


Keeping your hard floors clean is about more than just having a nice-looking home, it reduces bacteria and stops grime and oil from building up. With JML's products, achieving sparkling clean hard floors is easier than ever. Explore top picks from JML to make hard floor cleaning a breeze. Or why not discover our other cleaning products, including clothes care, car cleaning and much more!



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