21 Easy Houseplants You Can Grow!

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21 Easy Houseplants You Can Grow!

It’s Houseplants Week here in the UK, and whether you’re a keen gardener or new to plant care, there’s certainly something to say about bringing a little plant life into your home. Mood-boosting, air-enhancing, sleep improving and stress-reducing, you can never have too many houseplants. But if you are worried about how to care for them, you only need to take a look at this list of 21 easy houseplants to grow and tend through all the seasons. If you don’t fancy giving your home a huge overhaul, these plants can be enough to add a decorative and natural touch to any room they inhabit.


All cacti are super easy to grow and care for requiring very little in the way of effort to keep them looking good. The Christmas Cactus is just one species that will add lush greenery to your home. Even better, it flowers with beautiful pink flowers. Easy to take cuttings from, this is an ideal starter plant too. Pop it in a gorgeous plant pot, and it’s sure to brighten up any room you place it in.


If you want greenery and hints of ruddy red, the small waxy leaves of peperomia plants are the ideal choice. The textured leaves give these small plants something a little bit extra. Look out for watermelon peperomia or the silverleaf variety.


For easy houseplants with a little more presence, the Chinese evergreen has all the drama you need. Available in various shades – choose from silvery leaves, grey or deep green – these plants work well in a corner and in darker areas of your home. Durable and robust, these are an attractive variety of houseplant.


This is a trailing plant, meaning it puts out tendrils as it grows, making it ideal for indoor plant baskets. If it starts to get too big, you can cut these tendrils and plant them into smaller pots to give to family and friends. There are plenty of varieties, including the broadleaf ‘oakleaf ivy’ to choose from too.


It’s probably never occurred to you to grow a tree in your home but this is a great way to nurture a plant from its tiny beginnings to glorious maturity. The Norfolk Island Pine is a great plant for the indoors but make sure it has plenty of light otherwise it will turn brown and look a bit ‘sad’.


You’ll recognise this plant instantly as its variegated leaves make this a popular house and office plant choice. The broad leaves sit at the end of cane-like stems. However, if you have pets or small children who may nibble on the plant, you need to be aware that, if eaten, it can be irritating to the mouth and throat. Check each variety carefully.


This is another common but wonderful houseplant that has variegated, narrow upright leaves (hence the name) that works just as well on its own or in a large planetarium arrangement. It needs very little water and is as at home in well-lit rooms as is it in a shaded corner.


With its semi-upright habit and sprawling vines, the broad, heart-shaped lush green foliage on this plant is ideal if you want to add visual drama to a room. It adapts to low-light areas and will survive if you forget to water it for a week or two.


This plant sometimes gets a bad name, especially when planted in the garden, because it can be invasive. However, as a houseplant, you’ll have no such worries. In a plant pot, you can keep it contained. As a climbing plant, you could create all kinds of neat displays or keep it trim to give a bushier effect. There are various varieties, including one with a variegated leaf or a dark green leaf.


Lasting for years and years, this plant is sometimes known as the eternity plant. With thick stems and narrow leaves, it can go weeks without water and still look just as wonderful. Be mindful that the ZZ plant is mildly poisonous to cats, dogs and humans if directly ingested.


Long frond-like leaves clump together to form this super-easy to look after houseplant. It produces small baby plants every now and then too which are easy to plant on to grow more.


Triangular-shaped leaves give this plant a different look. Leaves take on pinkish tones too, and there are species with bronze-coloured leaves too. Can grow fairly large too so suit a statement pot in the living room.

13) HOYA

Another plant with wax-like leaves, the slender stems with small leaves will also have clusters of flowers every now and then too.


This plant can grow into a large tree so an occasional trim to keep it short but full will be ideal.


The wide leaves of this plant have a pleasing arch to them and is available in different varieties and colours. As well as plain green leaves, there are varieties with creamy or gold leaves that will make it a talking point. Prefers bright light to keep its colour bright!


If you struggle to keep houseplants alive, then opt for this beautiful plant. Amazingly robust, it isn’t fussy about conditions and if you forget to water it for a few weeks, it will bounce back with a good drink.


As the name suggests, this too is a plant that, barring the most wanton of neglect, will survive most conditions. It is tolerant of low-light as well as temperature variations. It will look amazing, even if you forget to water it.


Houseplants that are easy to grow tend to be slow-growing ones and so this Jade Plant, with its leisurely growing habit, is perfect. It has been known to survive months without water. If you can keep a cactus alive, you can nurture this one too. Place it on a side table next to a calming source of light, and it’s sure to make for a beautiful decoration.


It may be called a palm and, to a certain extent, it looks like a miniature version of one but it is actually a succulent. Either way, it has a striking appearance and so if you want a floor plant, this is a great, easy-to-care for choice.


You can see why this is known as the umbrella tree from it glossy, bountiful foliage with umbrella-like ribs. There are variegated varieties to choose from too.


The striped foliage of this plant will make it an eye-catcher no matter where you put it. There are many varieties to choose from, including varieties with rose, white, or yellow leaves. An easy-to-care for houseplant, it the plant on the list with the most striking appearance.


We couldn’t make a list without mentioning this iconic plant. Instantly recognisable due to the holes in its leaves, the stylish Swiss Cheese Plant (or Monstera Deliciosa) is one of the best loved and easy houseplants. Thriving in indoor temperatures, pop it in indirect sunlight and don’t over-water.

No matter which of these gorgeous green blooms you opt for, they’re sure to make you feel calm and serene and bring a little bit of nature to brighten up your home this winter and beyond.

Photo by Magali Merzougui on Unsplash

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