British Pie Week – The Best of British Pies

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British Pie Week – The Best of British Pies

As a nation, we love pies. Sweet or savoury, we can enjoy a slice at any time of day! And what better way to celebrate British Pie Week in style than with a traditional pie recipe! We know it is hard to decide which is the best pie, so here are some ideas to try this week or at any other time throughout the year.


Controversial and arguably not a pie in the traditional sense, the cottage pie is the nation’s favourite, according to Square Meal. This delicious goodness of minced beef topped with mashed potatoes was invented in the eighteenth century, and it has since become a regular on dinner tables and pub menus alike. The lack of pastry can lead to hot debates on whether this is or isn’t a pie, but the pie in its name still makes it a safe bet for celebrating British Pie Week. After all, it’s so good and easy to make in a cast iron pan or skillet. And if beef is not your thing, swap it for minced lamb and make a shepherd’s pie instead.


According to the same poll, chicken pot pie is as popular as cottage pie. However, this one does involve a lot of soft but crispy puff pastry. Like most pies, the chicken pot pie can be made with homemade pastry. If you’re shots on time, simplify things and use your favourite store-bought puff pastry. In this case, the whole thing takes around an hour to prep and cook. It’s just perfect for a quick lunch or supper.


A true classic, the traditional pork pie is made with hot water crust pastry and chopped pieces of pork and vegetables. The secret to this delicious dish is the stock you use to cook the meat, which should turn into a savoury jelly inside the crust. Because the filling doesn’t use any flour, this recipe is also easy to adapt to gluten-free needs by simply using gluten-free white bread flour instead of the regular kind.


Another traditional pie served in pubs across the nation as well as most homes is the steak and ale pie. This savoury goodness combines the stewing steak’s creaminess with the delicate, crispy, and flaky texture of puff pastry. For best results, stew the steak in a pot, add a splash of brown ale then transfer it into a casserole dish. Cover with pastry and bake. Although lengthier, the process is easy, and the result is well-worth the longer cooking time.


We love a classic chicken, bacon and mushroom pie! But if you don’t feel like spending ages in the kitchen take on a fresh, quicker approach with this deconstructed bacon and mushroom pie. All you need is store-bought puff pastry (you will use to bake pie lids) and a frying pan or wok to cook the bacon and mushroom filling. When you’re done, add a ladle or two of filling to your plate, top with the pastry lid, and savour this delicious dish whilst catching up with your loved ones or binge-watching Netflix. Wanna turn it vegetarian? Ditch the bacon.


Bringing together most classic flavours, fish pie comes as an alternative to the popular savoury pies made with meat. Easy to make and versatile, it allows you to use your favourite type of fish, and the recipe is easily adaptable to all pie styles, from cottage pie style fish stew topped with mashed potatoes to puff pastry pies to hot water crust pies. If you don’t know which one to give a try, get let this family friendly fish pie recipe inspire you.


Whilst many savoury pies aren’t exactly veggie-friendly, this potato, rosemary and onion pie is a delicious choice if you’re looking for a meat-free option. It is ideal for vegetarians if you don’t mind using regular milk and puff pastry. For a vegan dish, simply use vegan pastry and soya milk.


Another vegan-friendly savoury pie everyone will enjoy is this mushroom and spinach pot pie – a sort of alternative to the popular chicken pot pie. Mushrooms are an excellent meat replacement, having a similar texture and consistency to chicken breast. Spinach, on the other hand, enhances flavour and adds tastiness. No doubt, even the kids will love this one.


We know it’s a Christmas staple, but the mince pie can be enjoyed whenever you want throughout the year. This sweet delight is best served warm, dusted with icing sugar, and paired with a dollop of cream or drizzle of custard. Like most pies out there, you can make mince pie in dozens of ways, but if you want to stick to the traditional recipe, you should really try these unbelievable easy mince pies.


Combining bananas, cream, and toffee, Banoffee pie is one of the most popular dessert pies across the nation. The tasty treat is definitely a great choice to end your meal with in true British Pie Week style. This pie is also an excellent choice for tea or to serve instead of cake if you celebrate your birthday this week.


Originated in England but famous throughout the world, the apple pie is another delicious choice to satisfy your sweet tooth. Easy to make and perfect for breakfast, afternoon, or any celebration, the apple pie is the epitome of tradition and is beloved by youngsters and adults alike. Stick to the traditional recipe or play with flavours by adding nuts and raisins to the apple filling. No matter your choice, this pie is best served with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream.

With so many pie ideas, celebrating the British Pie Week should be easy. So, what will it be? Sweet or savoury?

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