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  1. Handy Lux

    Handy Lux

    The fun, take-anywhere wireless lightbulb on a rope
  2. Touch Bright

    Touch Bright

    Stick-anywhere, battery-powered COB lights
  3. 8-in-1 Multi Torch

    8-in-1 Multi Torch

    LED flashlight and multi-tool to take anywhere
  4. Magneto Pop-Up Lantern

    Magneto Pop-Up Lantern

    Magnetic LED torch that pops-up to become a lantern
  5. Super Bright Switch

    Super Bright Switch

    Super Bright Switch: Super-bright 'stick and flip' light switch - Pack of 2
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  6. Flexi Torch Multi-Light

    Flexi Torch Multi-Light

    2-in-1 LED torch & lamp with a magnetic base
  7. Light Angel

    Light Angel

    Motion activated, stick up, LED light
  8. Tree Dazzler
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    Tree Dazzler

    Dazzling tree lights you can arrange in seconds!
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  9. Bulb Buddy

    Bulb Buddy

    The 'hang anywhere' tie-up LED rope light
  10. Tri Bright

    Tri Bright

    Introducing the battery-operated LED lights that take 'stick-anywhere' puck lights to the next level.
  11. Chillmax Pillow

    Chillmax Pillow

    Cooling gel pillow that absorbs body heat
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  12. Flexi Torch

    Flexi Torch

    Extendable, flexible, magnetic LED torch

107 Products

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