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  1. Contour Legacy Leg Pillow
    Save 33%

    Contour Legacy Leg Pillow

    The tapered leg pillow for better posture and a great night’s sleep
    Special Price £19.99 Regular Price £29.99
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  2. Strong Umbrella

    Strong Umbrella

    The ‘pop-back-into-shape’ umbrella that’s super strong and virtually unbreakable!
  3. Plugull


    The plug-removal attachment that makes ‘pulling the plug’ easy!
    As low as £2.99
  4. Mood Magic Colour Changing Real Wax Candle

    Mood Magic Colour Changing Real Wax Candle

    Real flame wax candles with built-in colour changing light
    As low as £9.99
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  5. Comfy Screen Pillow

    Comfy Screen Pillow

    Tablet, book and magazine holder, neck pillow and travel cushion
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  6. Chillmax Cooling Mat

    Chillmax Cooling Mat

    Extra large naturally cooling gel pillow
  7. Bambillo 8-in-1 pillow
    Save 33%

    Bambillo 8-in-1 pillow

    Adjustable 8-in-1 pillow with naturally antibacterial bamboo-rich fabric
    As low as £39.99 Regular Price £59.99
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  8. Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Bundle
    Save 14%

    Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Bundle

    Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Bundle - An amazing-value offer for the ultimate ironing experience
    £54.97 Regular Price £69.97
  9. Mighty Bamboo Cloths

    Mighty Bamboo Cloths

    Super-absorbent reusable and naturally antibacterial bamboo fibre kitchen cloths
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  10. Copper Chef Crumby

    Copper Chef Crumby

    Mini palm-sized worktop vacuum cleaner
  11. Squidger
    Save 20%


    The handy, new way to get every last bit out of tubes
    As low as £2.99 Regular Price £3.74
  12. Star Shower Laser Magic
    Save 71%

    Star Shower Laser Magic

    Covers your home in a festive light show
    Special Price £19.99 Regular Price £69.99

104 Products

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