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  1. Fusion Motion
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    Fusion Motion

    Fusion Motion Portable Gym with 8 Accessories
    Special Price £99.99 Regular Price £199.99
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  2. Magic Stitch Electric Scissors

    Magic Stitch Electric Scissors

    Battery-powered scissors for precise, clean cuts with no effort
  3. Magic Stitch Sewing Kit

    Magic Stitch Sewing Kit

    Everything you need to sew from threads to tools in one, handy case
  4. Muscle Stimulation Pads

    Muscle Stimulation Pads

    Muscle stimulation pads that work your muscles, so you don’t have to!
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  5. Radiator Clothes Line

    Radiator Clothes Line

    Hanging space clothes drier that hangs on your radiator
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  6. Waschies 3pc

    Waschies 3pc

    Reusable microfibre cleansing pads that remove makeup with just water!
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  7. Chillmax Go Fan

    Chillmax Go Fan

    360⁰ powerful, portable cordless fan
    As low as £19.99
  8. Reusable Antibacterial Facial Mask Bundle
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    Reusable Antibacterial Facial Mask Bundle

    Comfortable, breathable, antibacterial and reusable face mask
    £19.98 Regular Price £29.98
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  9. Table Mate II Black
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    Table Mate II Black

    Fully-adjustable tilting sitting table with cup holder
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  10. VacPack Anti-Bacterial Bags

    VacPack Anti-Bacterial Bags

    Vac Pack Go Antibacterial Bags
    As low as £9.99
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  11. My Foldaway Fan

    My Foldaway Fan

    Portable, collapsible, freestanding personal fan
  12. Over & Out 2020

    Over & Out 2020

    Powerful antibacterial spray that also removes stains and odours
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24 Products

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