Foot & Nail Care

Maintain silky smooth, soft skin and healthy nails with our range of gentle foot care products. Taking the time to give your feet a little TLC will help to make you feel your best, whether you’re wearing your favourite pair of sandals or going barefoot you can rest assured your feet will look and feel amazing. Here at JML our range of foot care covers everything from foot pedicure kits, electric heel smoothers and electric hard skin removers, to the pedi pro foot file and nail shaver to give your nails the perfect finished look

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  1. Diamond Silk

    Diamond Silk

    Foot file to remove dry and callused skin, quickly
  2. Comfi Heels Triple Pack
    Save 35%

    Comfi Heels Triple Pack

    Comfortable, all day, orthotic foot insoles
    £13.44 Regular Price £38.97
  3. Shower Feet Double Pack
    Save 50%

    Shower Feet Double Pack

    2 foot scrubbers with built-in pumice stone
    £15.00 Regular Price £29.98
  4. Fresh Feet

    Fresh Feet

    Foot scrubber with pumice stone for your shower or bath
  5. Shower Feet

    Shower Feet

    The no-bending foot cleaner, exfoliator and massager
    As low as £14.99
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  6. PediPro Deluxe

    PediPro Deluxe

    Electronic hard skin remover for your feet
    As low as £24.99
  7. Ped Egg Easy Curve

    Ped Egg Easy Curve

    18 karat gold-plated dead skin and callus remover
  8. PediSpin Pink

    PediSpin Pink

    Electronic, spinning, pedicure foot file
  9. Ped Egg Bare Nails Nail Buffer Refills

    Ped Egg Bare Nails Nail Buffer Refills

    12 replacement rollers in three treatment styles
  10. PediSpin Blue

    PediSpin Blue

    Electronic, spinning, pedicure foot file
  11. Roto Clipper

    Roto Clipper

    All-in-one cordless, electric nail file & trimmer
  12. Pedi Plus Exfoliating Socks

    Pedi Plus Exfoliating Socks

    Rejuvenate your feet

12 Products

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