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Gifts for Kids

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  1. Pooch Selfie B.I.N
    Save 24%

    Pooch Selfie B.I.N

    Pet Selfie Smartphone Attachment
    Special Price £5.63 Regular Price £7.50
  2. Dr Zigs Bubbles
    Save 50%

    Dr Zigs Bubbles

    Easy, fun, enormous bubbles with 'My First Giant Bubble Kit'
    Special Price £9.99 Regular Price £19.99
  3. GLOOP - Lava Glow Putty (Parent)
    Save 50%

    GLOOP - Lava Glow Putty (Parent)

    Glow-in-the-dark play putty
    As low as £4.99 Regular Price £9.99
  4. GLOOP - Chameleon Putty (Parent)

    GLOOP - Chameleon Putty (Parent)

    Heat-reactive play putty
    As low as £9.99
  5. Classic Pen Set

    Classic Pen Set

    6 Beautiful brushed stainless-steel pens
  6. Zippi Motion Sand
    Save 50%

    Zippi Motion Sand

    Mouldable, sculptable, textured, coloured play sand
    As low as £4.99 Regular Price £9.99
  7. Boppin Bugz
    Save 16%

    Boppin Bugz

    The crazy bug bopping game
    As low as £9.99 Regular Price £11.99
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  8. Boppin Bugz with LEDs
    Save 33%

    Boppin Bugz with LEDs

    The crazy catch-em-if-you-can critters, now with lights!
    As low as £9.99 Regular Price £14.99
  9. Table Zwoosh Ball

    Table Zwoosh Ball

    Table-top floating football game
  10. Zwoosh Ball
    Save 58%

    Zwoosh Ball

    The fun floating ball game!
    Special Price £4.99 Regular Price £11.99
  11. Simply Straight
    Save 50%

    Simply Straight

    Ceramic coated brush and heated straightener in one
    Special Price £19.99 Regular Price £39.99
  12. Bright Eyes Blanket

    Bright Eyes Blanket

    Hooded fleece animal blanket with glowing eyes
    As low as £19.99

27 Products

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