Mops & Brushes

TWINNY spray mop
The spray mop for all floors
Only £19.99
Switch n Clean Mop
The ultimate double-sided mop
Only £19.99
X-Twist Mop
Wet and dry, self-wringing microfibre mop
Only £19.99
Doktor Power Twista Mop Spare Head
Doktor Power Twista Mop replacement head
Only £9.99
Buy one spinning broom, get another for FREE
NOW £49.99 WAS £99.98
Hurricane Spin Scrubber Spare Heads
A set of three new, replacement brushes
Only £14.99
The light and easy, push-powered hard floor sweeper
Only £49.99
The ‘reach anywhere’ cordless power scrubber 
NOW £29.99 WAS £39.99
Multi-surface foam sweeper that holds onto dust
Only £14.99
Wet or dry, nothing escapes the reach of the X Power
Only £19.99
Microfibre mop with built-in wringer
Only £9.99
Microfibre mop, dual bucket & mop head
Only £39.99
Microfibre mop, dual bucket, trolley + spare heads
NOW £49.99 WAS £60.97
Clever Mop Replacement Heads
2 microfibre replacement Clever Mop heads
Only £11.99
Clever Mop Trolley
Lightweight, Clever Mop bucket trolley
Only £8.99
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