Cloths & Dusters

Mighty Bamboo Towels
Super-absorbent reusable bamboo fibre kitchen towels
Only £9.99
ScrubRite Scourer
Dual-action scrubber with a unique wrap-around grip
NOW £2.24 WAS £2.99
The extendable, bendable radiator brush and duster
Only £11.99
Super-absorbent duster, cleaner & buffer
Only £9.99
Flexible, multi-purpose radiator duster
Only £6.99
Double-sided, absorbent microfibre towel
Only £6.99
3D Cloths Triple Pack
Microfibre cleaning, dusting & polishing cloths
Only £9.99
Doktor Power Microfibre Mitt
Dust, clean, polish & shine
Only £9.99
Microfibre, chemical-free, stain removing mitt
Only £9.99