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  1. Microfibre Mop

    Microfibre Mop

    Flexible, absorbent, microfibre mop & mitt
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  2. Microfibre Super Mitt

    Microfibre Super Mitt

    Super-absorbent duster, cleaner & buffer
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  3. Scrubrite Scouere
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    Scrubrite Scouere

    Dual-action scrubber with a unique wrap-around grip
    Special Price £2.24 Regular Price £2.99
  4. Trash Tidy

    Trash Tidy

    Replace your bin liners quickly & easily
  5. RadiClean


    Flexible, multi-purpose radiator duster
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  6. Miracle Mitt

    Miracle Mitt

    Microfibre, chemical-free, stain removing mitt
  7. Eggsterminator Triple pack

    Eggsterminator Triple pack

    The soft sponge and hard scourer, in one!
  8. Turbo Brush
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    Turbo Brush

    Powerful, multi-purpose cleaning brush
    Special Price £14.99 Regular Price £21.98
  9. Doktor Power Magic Eraser Double Pack
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    Doktor Power Magic Eraser Double Pack

    Twice the cleaning power with no detergents!
    Special Price £11.99 Regular Price £19.98
  10. Cool Mama

    Cool Mama

    She keeps your fridge refreshed and odour-free!
  11. Laundreez
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    The new 'on-the-go' laundry solution
    Special Price £18.74 Regular Price £24.99
  12. Easy Squeegee

    Easy Squeegee

    3-in-1 microfibre glass and window cleaner

30 Products

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