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Beauty Trimmer and MicroTouch Max Bundle

Product Code: b06cm60100001001

RRP €23.98


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MicroTouch Max and Beauty Trimmer are the perfect his and hers grooming aids for trimming hair in all those awkward places, like in and around your nose and ears. They have safe and comfortable stainless steel precision cutting blades, with pivoting heads to help you get around every awkward curve, and built-in LED lights so you never miss a hair.

For men, MircoTouch Max is perfect for tidying up your beard, sideburns, eyebrows, neckline and the hair around your ears in-between haircuts. For women, Beauty Trimmer is great for trimming your eyebrows, upper lips, under arms, bikini line and more. With help from these compact trimmers you can remove even the finest hairs anywhere on your body.

Set Includes
1 x Beauty Trimmer
1 x MicroTouch Max

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