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Savings with The Outlet Regis Stone Pans

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    • JML Magic Layer
      Red tag

      JML Magic Layer

      A snug thermal layer that's so ultra-thin you'll forget you're even wearing it

      From £12.99

      Was £0.00

      Saving £

    • Magic Carpet Boot and Shoe Mat
      Red tag

      Magic Carpet Boot and Shoe Mat

      A super-absorbent mat thatís perfect for drying out soaking-wet footwear

      From £9.99

      Was £0.00

      Saving £

    • Pest Defence
      Red tag

      Pest Defence

      Instant, humane home pest protection from rats, mice, cockroaches and more


    • FastFit Sticky Rollers
      Red tag

      FastFit Sticky Rollers


      Remove the annoying fluff and hair that clings to clothes and fabrics


    • Comfi Heels - Single Pack
      Red tag

      Comfi Heels - Single Pack

      Swap the pain and stress of high heels for all-day comfort with these orthotic insoles

      From £12.99

      Was £0.00

      Saving £

    • FastFit Ironing Board Cover
      Red tag

      FastFit Ironing Board Cover


      Fits snugly in seconds. 17 million happy customers can't be wrong!

      From £6.99

      Was £0.00

      Saving £

    • Microwave Hot Pot
      Red tag

      Microwave Hot Pot

      Make fast and easy meals in your microwave with this clever cooking pot


    • Mineral Magic TV Offer
      Red tag

      Mineral Magic TV Offer


      Achieve complexion perfection with the complete Mineral Magic collection


    • Pearl Hair Remover Set
      Red tag

      Pearl Hair Remover Set


      Removes hair painlessly and keeps your legs silky-smooth for longer


    • Cryotex Knives TV Offer
      Red tag

      Cryotex Knives TV Offer


      Cryogenically-treated knives that offer the ultimate in cutting performance


      Was £39.99

      Save £10.00

    • Belvia Bra
      Red tag

      Belvia Bra


      The most comfortable bra youíll ever wear. Available in a variety of colours

      From £6.50

      Was £12.99

      Saving £

    • VacPack Bundle Offer
      Red tag

      VacPack Bundle Offer


      SAVE £20 with this great value VacPack set. Now storing fabrics is easy


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