Cleaning Products

Antibacterial spray that removes stains and odours
Only £9.99
Powerful, non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner
Only £9.99
Twice the cleaning power with no detergents!
Only £11.99
Magic eraser for surface marks & stains
Only £9.99
Doktor Power Dry Foam Refill
Tackle tough stains without even getting your carpet wet!
Only £9.99
Doktor Power Magic Eraser Triple Pack
Cleaning eraser sponges for marks & stains
Only £14.99
Microfibre mop with built-in wringer
Only £9.99
Doktor Power Microfibre Mitt
Dust, clean, polish & shine
Only £9.99
Microfibre mop for floors, walls & windows
Only £9.99
Doktor Power Twista Mop Replacement Head
Doktor Power Twista Mop replacement head
Only £9.99
Double-sided, absorbent microfibre towel
Only £6.99
Wood restorer
Only £9.99