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  1. Whizz Mop

    Whizz Mop

    Microfibre spinning mop with a 600 RPM wringing bucket
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  2. Uv Vac New

    Uv Vac New

    Allergens, bed bugs, dust mite, bacteria and virus killer
  3. Hurricane Spin Scrubber New

    Hurricane Spin Scrubber New

    The 'reach anywhere' cordless power scrubber
  4. Swivel Sweeper

    Swivel Sweeper

    Battery-powered lightweight floor sweeper that gets everywhere!
  5. Aqua Jet Duo Mop

    Aqua Jet Duo Mop

    Dual-sided microfibre mop with built-in spray bottle
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  6. Rubber Wonderbroom

    Rubber Wonderbroom

    The soft wet-or-dry broom that does everything
  7. Doktor Power Magic Eraser

    Doktor Power Magic Eraser

    Magic eraser for surface marks & stains
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  8. Doktor Power Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    Doktor Power Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    Powerful, non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner
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  9. RadiClean


    Flexible, multi-purpose radiator duster
  10. Mighty Bamboo Cloths

    Mighty Bamboo Cloths

    Super-absorbent reusable and naturally antibacterial bamboo fibre kitchen cloths
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  11. Whizz Mop Spare Mop Head

    Whizz Mop Spare Mop Head

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  12. Aqua Jet Duo Mop - Spare Mop Head

    Aqua Jet Duo Mop - Spare Mop Head

    Dual-sided microfibre mop head for your Aqua Jet Duo Mop
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12 Products

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