Cooking Appliances

Our wide range of cooking appliances covers everything you need to put together a delicious family meal without all the fuss. With a selection of cooking appliances that range from the classic pressure cooker to an electric oven, you can find exactly what you need to make dinnertime quick and easy, with minimal effort for those with busy schedules. Here at JML, we pride ourselves in offering the very best when it comes to efficient cooking appliances, with our trusty JML cooker through to our handy bread maker, our range is here to make everday easier

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  1. Emeril Pasta and Beyond

    Emeril Pasta and Beyond

    3-in-1 Pasta Maker, Juicer and Frozen Dessert Maker
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  2. Compact Cook
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    Compact Cook

    The all-in-one blender, cooker, steamer and food processor
    Special Price £149.99 Regular Price £299.99
  3. Make 'n' Bake Bundle Offer
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    Make 'n' Bake Bundle Offer

    Bread & jam maker with built-in timer bundle!
    £100.92 Regular Price £111.98
  4. Power Quick Pot Bundle offer
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    Power Quick Pot Bundle offer

    The 8-in-1 pressure multi-cooker with canning and baking/roasting accessories
    £119.97 Regular Price £169.97

4 Products

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