Personal Accessories

Stay on-trend and up to date with the latest gadgets through our extensive range of personal accessories. This selection of gadgets and home accessories provides key accessories from face wear and health and beauty gadgets to everyday accessories to make life that little bit easier. Whether you’re looking for a stylish wallet, or cool gadgets like our cosmic laces, here at JML we’ve got it all covered

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  1. Power Floss

    Power Floss

    Dental flossing with an air-powered water jet
  2. PediSpin Blue

    PediSpin Blue

    Electronic, spinning, pedicure foot file
  3. JML Light Up Mirror

    JML Light Up Mirror

    The elegant mirror with LED lights that always brighten up your complexion
  4. BFF Foot Massager

    BFF Foot Massager

    Pressure point stimulating, vibrating massager
  5. Sock Slider

    Sock Slider

    The fast and easy way to put on and remove socks and shoes
  6. Transpotics


    Anti-glare UV-protection sunglasses that automatically adjust with the light
  7. Silver Sonic XL

    Silver Sonic XL

    Personal sound amplifier - hear life more clearly!
  8. Light Up Mirror

    Light Up Mirror

    Compact, LED light up mirror & tweezer set
  9. Lock Wallet

    Lock Wallet

    The slim, safe and secure protection wallet
  10. Kangoo Hot Bag

    Kangoo Hot Bag

    Rechargeable, wearable, single-fill hot water bag

58 Products

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