Clothing & Shapewear

Walkmaxx Leisure
The super-comfy, leisure shoe that looks great but keeps you supported
Available in other colours
Only €59.99
Walkmaxx Black Fit
The wide, supportive, posture-friendly exercise shoe
Only €59.99
Instant, longer, thinner-looking legs and waist
Only €49.98
The laces that, once applied, stay tied!
Available in other colours
Only €8.21
Backless, strapless stick-on bra with cleavage control.
Available in other colours
Only €9.99
3 for 2!
Sankom Bra - 3 Pack
Three Sankom Sports Compression Top and Bras for the price of two!
Only €99.98
Hollywood Pants
Slimming, glamorous leggings that shape your waist

Only €19.99

Instant body-sculpting tights.

Only €9.99
This amazing offer on the ultimate comfort bra can be beat!
Only €39.99
Comfort bra that lifts, supports & conforms to you
Only €19.99
The perfect fitting men's belt for maximum comfort
Available in other colours
From €29.99
Total support to lift, slim & shape your torso
Only €34.99
One-piece sports and everyday support bra
Only €49.99
The backless, strapless, discreet bra
From €10.79
Ultra-comfi, slimming, shapewear jeggings
Available in other colours
Only €4.99
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