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  1. Screen Caddy

    Screen Caddy

    TV and monitor-mounted storage shelf for remotes more!
  2. Coqopan


    The ultimate, unique roasting pan for quicker, juicier roasted chicken
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  3. Nicer Dicer Quick

    Nicer Dicer Quick

    The hand-held chopping, slicing and dicing machine that cuts in a second
    As low as £19.99
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  4. Comfy Wraps

    Comfy Wraps

    The super-comfy, wrap-around slippers
    As low as £29.99
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  5. Veggetti 2.0

    Veggetti 2.0

    Turn your veggies into spaghetti with Veggetti 2.0 the vegetable spiralizer
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  6. Handy Heater
    Save 62%

    Handy Heater

    The compact, take-anywhere, plug-in personal heater
    Special Price £14.99 Regular Price £39.99
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  7. Stufz
    Save 16%


    Stuffed burger press & shaper
    Special Price £9.99 Regular Price £11.99
  8. Handy Heater (Remote Control)

    Handy Heater (Remote Control)

    Remote-controlled, plug-in personal heater
  9. Mighty Bamboo Cloths

    Mighty Bamboo Cloths

    Super-absorbent reusable and naturally antibacterial bamboo fibre kitchen cloths
  10. TV Bright

    TV Bright

    Multi-coloured LED strip mood lighting for your TV
  11. Nicer Dicer Plus Containers

    Nicer Dicer Plus Containers

    2 extra containers for the Nicer Dicer Plus
  12. Super Bright Switch

    Super Bright Switch

    Super Bright Switch: Super-bright 'stick and flip' light switch - Pack of 2

13 Products

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