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  1. Huggle Socks

    Huggle Socks

    Ultra-plush, non-slip slipper socks
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  2. Star Belly

    Star Belly

    Plush, cuddly bedtime night light toys with projecting light displays
    As low as £29.99
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  3. Comfy Screen Pillow

    Comfy Screen Pillow

    Tablet, book and magazine holder, neck pillow and travel cushion
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  4. EasyMat Mini
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    EasyMat Mini

    All-in-one silicone feeding placemat with integrated plates
    As low as £11.24 Regular Price £14.99
  5. Classic Pen Set

    Classic Pen Set

    6 Beautiful brushed stainless-steel pens
  6. Table Zwoosh Ball

    Table Zwoosh Ball

    Table-top floating football game
  7. Bright Eyes Blanket

    Bright Eyes Blanket

    Hooded fleece animal blanket with glowing eyes
    As low as £19.99
  8. Swerve Ball And Bat

    Swerve Ball And Bat

    Pitch like a pro and throw a curveball, with a swerve ball
  9. Swerve Ball Triple Pack

    Swerve Ball Triple Pack

    Pitch like a pro and throw a curveball
  10. Yakkity Yaks

    Yakkity Yaks

    The dancing animal toys that mimic what you say!
    As low as £14.99

10 Products

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