Car Cleaning

Dust Daddy
The vacuum attachment that gets in the tiniest of spaces
Only £19.99
Make your car's bodywork look brand new
Only £9.99
Mantis Microfibre Mitt
Clean, buff & polish with this double-sided mitt
Only £6.99
Mantis Cloths
Car cleaning & buffing microfibre cloths
Only £4.99
Mantis Instant Shine
High gloss, waterless car cleaner
Only £9.99
Mantis Complete Kit
Instant Shine, Scratch Remover & FREE Cloths
Only £19.99
Mantis Wheel Brush
Bring your wheels back to life with Mantis
Only £7.99
Mantis Scratch Repair Pen
UV activated, car paintwork repair pen
Only £7.99
Mantis Windscreen Cleaner
Clean the hard-to-reach areas of car windows
Only £9.99
Mantis Windscreen Cleaner Replacement Cloths
Three replacement reversible cloth heads
Only £4.99
Extendable, window & car cleaning kit
Only £29.99