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Walking Workout Ideas

Walking is a great form of exercise. The benefits are almost endless, and you’ll love these walking workout ideas, especially as the spring weather starts to tempt us to step outside once again. Suitable for everyone, there are hints and tips for outdoor walking workouts as well as those suitable for indoors for those who don’t want to venture outside.

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The benefits of walking

Like all forms of exercise, there are few things to bear in mind before you start hitting the hiking trails or starting indoor workouts:

  • GP advice – if you haven’t exercised in a while or have a health condition, it’s wise to check with your GP or practice nurse before you start.
  • Equipment – you need very little equipment to start walking. Essential, however, is a good pair of walking shoes. They should support your foot and have a good sole that cushions your foot as you walk. A pedometer or smartwatch also helps you keep track of how long you have walked, your heart rate and so on. And what can also be useful are a pair of walking or hiking sticks. These can help you maintain a pace as well as something to lean on when walking over rough ground.
  • Start slowly – little and often is key when starting to exercise and the same is true for walking. Daily sessions of 10 to 20 minutes to start with is better than one long walk that leaves you exhausted, aching and possibly injured.
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Hints and tips for getting the most from walking

1) Walk indoors!

For obvious reasons, we associate walking with the outdoors. The good news is, is that indoor walking workout videos are just as good as taking a stroll in the sunshine.

There are many reasons why you may be unable to walk outside, including poor weather such as ice or rain, as well as confidence and time. Indoor walking workouts can be gentle or strenuous, so always start with the lower end of the scale before working up to test yourself with more challenging workouts.

Time-wise, an indoor walking session is also a plus. Some of the sessions take 15 to 20 minutes and can really help to boost your physical fitness. You can opt for a compact treadmill that simply folds away when not in use, or simply walk around your home if you prefer.

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2) Walk a short distance and often

Incorporating walking into your daily routine is easier than you think, and these short bursts of walking can benefit your health:

  • Walk instead of driving, especially for short errands
  • Get off the bus or tram a few stops earlier than normal
  • Take the stairs rather than the lift

3) Join a walking group

There are walking groups based across the UK. Most are very informal with a pre-advertised meeting place and time. The route is usually decided on beforehand so you can check if the route and length of the walk are suitable for you.

These groups are also ideal for companionship, but you will need to invest in some extra kit. You might find walking boots are better than shoes as they support your ankle. Also, decent waterproof gear such as trousers and a coat is a must for winter showers. A waterproof rucksack is also a good investment, as well as walking sticks for helping you pace yourself.

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4) Plan a walking trip into the country or along the coast

The great thing about walking is all the different places it can take you. But like most forms of exercise, it can become boring if you don’t keep adding new things into the mix now and then.

Planning a walking trip that takes you to somewhere different is great for when you want a new challenge. There are all kinds of ideas such as driving to a beauty spot, pulling on your trainers and walking through woodland or forests. When you feel you have the stamina, you could consider a hill walk too although you’ll need to check the weather forecast and have basic equipment with you.

You could also take the train to a location and walk back, or book a walking holiday with a group of friends to enjoy the sights of somewhere you have never been before.

5) Vary your pace and terrain

Walking is good for you whether you are taking a gentle stroll through the local woodland or spending the day walking to the peak of a tall mountain.

Like other forms of physical exercise, if you are using walking as a means of losing weight and getting into shape, you’ll need to vary your pace and terrain.

  • Vary your walking pace – instead of a long, slow walk, walk for 20 minutes but vary your speed so that you increase the cardio exercise you get. Walk faster until you are slightly out of breath. This gives your heart and lungs a great work out but also increases calorie expenditure too.
  • Vary the terrain – walking along a flat road or pavement is all well and good (great for when you want to increase your pace) but taking in a steeper climb will also help the cardio workout you get. Walking uphill is also great for toning the legs and gives the calf muscles a great workout too.
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Walk for your health

Walking is one of the simplest exercises you can do but don’t underestimate just how beneficial it is for you. It can lead to weight loss, as well as being great for maintaining weight, but is also excellent as a cardio workout. Why not enjoy a walk today?

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