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Veganuary - vegan meal of toast topped with tomato, banana and avocado

Veganuary – Tips, Recipes, and Products

With more interest in animal welfare, becoming vegan is an increasingly popular choice. Celebrities are taking the plunge as are […]

Activities to reduce stress including embroidery

21 Activities to Reduce Stress

Unchecked, stress can be a killer, which is why every year, the month of April is dedicated to stress awareness. […]

Stay positive: smiling woman sitting in a field of flowers holding an open book

21 Ways To Stay Positive In Lockdown

With unsettling lockdown and coronavirus news, and images of intensive care wards and exhausted NHS staff ever-present in the media, […]

Smiling woman hugging smiling child

Managing Children’s Mental Health

Taking place between 1st and 7th February 2021, Children’s Mental Health Week this year has a theme of ‘Express Yourself’. […]