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Cleaning kit on wooden floor

Floor Cleaning Guide

The choice of flooring options is many and varied. Keeping your floors clean, whether that a hard floor or carpet, […]

Remove stains decorative photo of wooden floor covered in dirty boot prints

Stubborn Stains: How to remove Stains

If you’ve already started with the big spring clean, or you’re just about to, you might have noticed the toll […]

Spring cleaning supplies on a wooden table

Spring Cleaning Guide and Checklist

As the days grow longer and flowers start peeking through the soil, it becomes more and more clear that Spring […]

Close up of person packing clothing away.

The Big 2021 Decluttering blog

Is there anything more invigorating than decluttering wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and sideboards? We accrue all kinds of possessions and items, […]

Caution cleaning in progress

10 Top tips to keep calm and Spring Clean

If cleaning is a daunting task, spring cleaning can feel like a nightmare. You hear the words and it makes you want to roll your eyes, pour yourself a glass of wine and forget about it.