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How to use a portable sewing machine

Did you know that there is a day dedicated to sewing, or to be exact sewing machines? National Sewing Machine Day is celebrated on 13th June. This is a day to celebrate all things sewing machine, from computerised larger sewing machines that can do all kinds of clever and complex jobs to the handier portable sewing machine that is invaluable for those quick fixes.

Although the patent for the sewing machine was applied for in 1790 by Thomas Saint, it wasn’t until 1874 that William Newton Wilson, having stumbled across Saint’s designs, built the first working model of a sewing machine. This fascinating piece of history is currently on display in London’s Science Museum.

The sewing machine as we know it today is the result of many improvements that have been made over the years and it is even possible to purchase a portable sewing machine that has a range of handy, and often emergencies uses, that might otherwise need to be tackled with a needle and thread.  How about one of our handheld Magic Stitch machines?

1.     Garment hemming

We all know the feeling of putting on our favourite skirt or pair of trousers in the morning ready for work only to discover that the hem has partially come unstitched. Getting a larger machine out to hem a garment can be impractical and time consuming. A needle and thread will get the job done but will take a lot longer. This is a great example of a time when a portable sewing machine like the Magic Stitch can come in really handy. Because these machines are really compact, and portable, you could even keep one in your desk drawer just in case you had clothing related emergency at work. This could be much better than having to use a stapler to make a temporary fix.

2.     Hemming soft furnishings

It isn’t just garments that you can use a portable sewing machine to hem. If the hem on your curtains has dropped then you can use one of these clever machines to hem them in situ. This is much easier that taking the curtains down to do the job and then having to rehang them.

You can also use it to hem the bottom of a duvet cover without removing it from the duvet if you have accidentally ripped the seam.

3.     Customising

Sometimes it can be hard to find exactly the type of garment that you are looking for in the shops. But with the right type of customisation you can turn the everyday, almost what you were looking for piece, into something unique and completely individual. A portable sewing machine is an easy way to attach patches, lace or even ribbon to a garment to make it stand out. Little sewing projects like this can help bust stress and give you something lovely to show at the end of it.

4.     Rips

How many times have your children suddenly appeared with a rip in their favourite garment? Children are not often blessed with an incredible amount of patience in these circumstances. Often, they want their parents to do a quick repair so that t. hey can get back to playing. Unless you have a larger sewing machine that is constantly set up ready to go then you may find yourself resorting to a trusty needle and thread. This is a slower process and often ends up with less than perfect results. A much better option is something like the Magic Stitch Deluxe which can do a much neater job and quickly – allowing your children to get back to playing as quickly as possible.

5.     Learning to sew

The idea of being able to sew can be very appealing, but the cost of buying a sewing machine is often prohibitive to many people. A portable sewing machine is a much cheaper option and incredibly easy to use, especially for those simple first projects.

Of course, once you have mastered some simple sewing skills you will be able to do all sorts of more complicated projects.

6.     Teach a child to sew

Because of their size, portable sewing machines are great for smaller hands to use. Bigger sewing machines can often seem a little daunting to children, and the coordination skills needed to work a foot pedal and hold the sewing in place can take time to master. This can often result in frustration when things do not go well. Because of their compact nature, portable sewing machines are easy to master and the results are instantly visible. Learning to sew in this way can give your child the confidence that they need in order to be able to complete their own small projects and if they choose, to progress using a larger machine in time.

7.     Mending on your travels

Holidays are for relaxing but there is a reason that many hotels provide mini sewing kits for their guests and that is because they understand that sometimes garments can get damaged and require a little TLC before we can wear them again.  If you don’t want to spend your precious holiday time struggling to deal with a needle and thread and then hand stitching the damage on your clothes it can be worth packing a portable sewing machine in your luggage.

Hopefully if you have it with you, you won’t actually need to use it, but if you do it will make light work of any vital mending and won’t get in the way of your well-earned holiday.

8.     Split seams

There is nothing more embarrassing than the split in a work skirt turning into a much longer spilt whilst at work. All too often the solution is to reach for the stapler to make some emergency repairs until you can go home. Portable sewing machines are small enough to carry in your handbag and are a great way of fixing this issue properly without the potential damage that stapling your skirt might cause. It may also make you very popular with anyone else in the office who suffers a similar issue as they will find it easy to use as well, even if they have never used one before.

So there you have it; a celebration of all our small sewing machine can offer. From the small quick fix to fun sewing projects, we believe these little machines deserve a day all of their very own.

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