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At JML we’re all about everyday life, everyday chores, everyday problems and everyday solutions. In this area of the website we’ve created a collection of blogs on a variety of everyday subjects that will inspire, inform and entertain you. Some will make you think, and some will be helpful for hints and tips, while others are just interesting to read and could take you on to bigger and better things. Whatever you use these pages for, we’re sure there’ll be something here for everyone, from how-to guides and recipe tips, to health and beauty advice and celebrations of special days in your calendar. So, take a look around our Blog section and you can be sure it won’t be long before you find something here to make your ‘everyday easier’.

I scream for ice cream: 5 tasty ice cream recipes

Craving for ice cream? That’s nothing new! Believe it or not, an ancient Chinese Emperor employed 94 ‘ice men’ to make a frozen dish from camphor, buffalo milk and flour.

Fathers Day

Keep Calm and spoil Dad This Father’s day

Father’s Day is approaching – so what better way to Keep Calm and Spoil Dad than by taking a look at some of the JMLdirect products that our experts have selected for you?

Bug-Proof Your Home This Summer

If you’re not a fan of creepy crawlies, this guide to bug-proofing your home could be extremely useful.


Top Tips to Keep calm and self care

Self-care is one of those phrases that we hear a lot in everyday life now, but what actually is it […]

Good night's sleep : image of dog in a blanket in bed

Sleep well: Top Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

When you have trouble sleeping, your bedroom ceases to be a haven of rest and can feel more like a […]

8 Christmas decoration ideas

8 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

The Christmas décor market has exploded over recent years, with all kinds of decorative items available from outdoor festive light […]