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Jubilee Party Ideas You Will Love

It’s the Platinum Jubilee celebrations this weekend to commemorate 70 years since the Queen’s coronation. What better to celebrate than with a fun-filled royal do? If you’re unsure how to go about it, be sure to read on for some super easy jubilee party ideas.

Jubilee Party Decor and Theme

It’s quite obvious that the theme for your jubilee party should be royalty or the best of Britain. Here’s three ways you can do this:

1) Rule Britannia – Red, White and Blue

Union Jack Bunting

Using the Union Jack flag as inspiration for your party, be sure to have red, white, blue or Union Jack decorations such as bunting, balloons and flags. Be sure to carry that theme through in your table dressing on tablecloths, plates and crockery too – plenty of shops are selling affordable union jack-adorned decorations to make this easy to achieve!

2) A Royal Knees Up – Purple and Gold

Purple has long been associated with royalty, so much so Queen Elizabeth I banned non-royals from wearing it. Therefore it’s the perfect colour to theme up your jubilee party. Match it with gold accents for an extra-luxurious feel.

3) A Traditional Tea Party

Despite originating in Asia, tea-drinking feels like a thoroughly British institution. With this in mind, why not throw a traditional tea party complete with scones and other sweet and savoury favourites?

Weather permitting, why not have this party outdoors? Don’t forget to create a playlist of some of our amazing homegrown artists. We’re sure a lot of Queen will be played this weekend!

Jubilee Party Food and Recipes

Elegant Afternoon tea party spread

It’s not a party without some tasty things to eat. You will be sure to impress with some of these delicious foods. Whether you want more formal meals or are happy with finger foods, make sure these food are British, in-keeping with the theme.

British Savoury Food Ideas

  • Coronation Chicken Sandwiches. Coronation chicken was invented for the banquet at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, so it’s a must-have for any jubilee party. Though the original dish calls for dried apricot, raisins or sultanas are frequently used. Check out this fabulous modern coronation chicken recipe.
  • Afternoon Tea Spread. Think cucumber sandwiches, coronation chicken (of course!)mini quiches, scotch eggs, mini pork pies, sausage rolls, and more!
  • Fish and Chips. Get these fresh from the chippie or make a healthy version with our Halowave oven.

There are some fantastic jubilee recipes here.

British Sweet Food and Dessert Ideas

  • Lemon Swiss roll and Amaretti trifle. Voted the official Jubilee pudding, this is a delicious fruity and creamy dessert. The recipe serves 20 so is perfect for a party. Halve the ingredients if you wish to serve 10.
  • Victoria Sponge is essential for any celebration of all things British! This recipe for this gorgeous cake is one of the best.
  • Eton Mess. This tastes absolutely wonderful. Simply combine strawberries, double cream, icing sugar and ready made meringues in a bowl and serve!
  • Scones and Jam. Nothing says tea party than this very British treat. Are you clotted cream then jam or jam then clotted cream?

Jubilee Party Ideas: Drinks

Drinks need not be complex. For something warm get a collection of teas such as English Breakfast and Earl or Lady Grey teas. If you fancy something cooler, go for a cool crisp lemonade.

For drinkers, Pimm’s stacked with cucumber and fruit, gin and tonic, English cider or Ale.

Jubilee Party Dress Code

Young woman waving British flag

You can really have fun with this. One easy dress code is to make people wear anything red, white and blue. Alternatively, if you’re into fancy dress, why not get people to dress up as their favourite British icons? You could also all dress up as royals, complete with crowns and tiaras. Really have fun with this theme and be a queen for the day!

Now you’re well prepared for a wonderful excited Jubilee weekend. We’re confident with these tips you’ll have a great time celebrating.

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