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How to Keep Cool at Night

As a nation, we can’t wait for the temperature to start to soar. After all, hot summer days mean shorts, barbeques and ice-cream at the beach. But warmer weather also means hot, sticky nights and the difficulties of trying to sleep in a well-insulated house that seems to hold that summer heat really well. One leg out of the covers, both legs out, covers off, covers on, tossing and turning – if this sounds familiar then you are certainly not alone struggling to get to sleep in the heart. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can keep cool at night that will make sleeping a little easier.

1.Use a fan

A fan can be a great way to keep your bedroom cool at night, and they come in all shapes and sizes. You may prefer to choose one with a timer that will turn itself off in the early hours otherwise you might wake up too early, and cold! If you are concerned about the cost of running a fan all night, consider something like the InstaChill which is 10 times cheaper to run than traditional air conditioning.

2.Air conditioning

With average temperatures getting warmer every year it can be worth considering installing air conditioning to help on hot nights.

3.Create a cross breeze

How you position your fan is also important. Place a fan opposite the window, as this will help to use any breeze from outside to help cool the room. The same effect can be produced with a couple of fans in the room.

4.Create a draught

Open the windows and doors and create a natural flow for the air in your room.

5.Change your bedding

Make sure that you opt for natural fabrics like cotton for your bed sheets, these are much better at helping you to keep cooler. They’re a great replacement for a duvet on a very hot night.

6.Use a cooling pillow

Woman asleep on Chillmax Pillow , a gel cooling mat

Select a pillow with fabric that is cool to the touch or has air circulation that can keep you cool during the night. The Chillmax pillow is a great, cooling gel pillow. Pop into your pillowcase to help you keep cool at night. You can even place it in the fridge or freezer beforehand for an extra chill!

7.Night attire

If you are brave enough, sleep au natural, but if you must wear something to bed make sure it is lightweight and made of cotton.

8.Have a shower

Having a cool, not cold, shower or bath before bedtime will not only help you to feel less sticky from the heat of the day but is also a great way to reduce your core temperature.

9.Keep hydrated

Never underestimate the power of a simple glass of water during hot weather. Make sure you stay hydrated during the day and fill a water bottle with cold water to keep by your bed.

10.Avoid alcohol

Alcohol can cause hot flushes and night sweating so avoid drinking too much before bed.

11. Eat light

Avoid eating heavy meals, particularly close to bedtime. Not only does this heat up the house more, but meals that are full of spice, carbs and fat take longer to break down. They can also make you sweat which will make it harder to keep cool.

12.Hot water bottle

Try filling a hot water bottle with cold water to help you keep cool at night.

13.No snuggling

If you share a bed, keep some space between you and your other half as the heat from each other’s bodies can make it difficult to keep cool at night and get to sleep.

14.Air coolers

Sleeping woman using Chillmax Air personal cooler on her bedside table to keep cool at night

Combination air coolers and humidifiers are a great way to keep your bedroom cool without making the atmosphere dry like a standard fan, and with a good run time of around 10 hours should keep you cool all night.

15.Change your mattress

Why not go all the way and opt for a cooling mattress to go with your new bedding and pillows for ultimate coolness at night?

16.Close the curtains

There is a good reason that continental houses are much cooler in the summer and that is shutters which stay closed on hot days. Whilst houses in the UK may not have shutters, we do have curtains and blinds which can act the same way. So, open the window and close the curtains during the day to stop your bedroom from overheating.

17.Turn off the lights

Fortunately, in the summer it stays light until at least 9pm so there isn’t as much need to turn the lights on. When you do need lights on, consider a small side light rather than overhead ones which produce more heat. Make sure all lights are turned off at night to help keep cool at night.

18.Cooling devices

For many people, reading before bed is an essential part of the winding down bedtime routine. Why not try using a cooling neck gaiter whilst you read to help keep you cool. Just remember to take it off before you go to sleep.

19.Change your exercise routine

There is no denying the benefits that can be gained from regular exercise but if you usually exercise in the evening consider swapping this to earlier in the day. This will allow your body plenty of time to cool down before you need to sleep.

20.Avoid having pets in the room

Unfortunately, the more bodies there are in your bedroom the hotter it will be. Avoid having your furry friends sharing your room during the summer – they may actually prefer downstairs anyway as heat rises so the lower levels of your home should be cooler at night during those long hot months. Of course, getting them to stay there might be an issue, especially if you can’t resist those wistful puppy dog eyes!

21.Freeze your socks

The idea of wearing socks on a hot night might terrify you but trust us. Place a pair of clean socks in a bag in the freezer for a couple of hours before bed. They can really help when it comes to reducing your body temperature. They won’t stay cold all night, but they should be cool for as long as it takes you to fall asleep.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you sleep better this summer. That way, you’ll be able to better enjoy all that the long summer days have to offer.

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