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Halloween Recipes For All the Family

With Halloween fast approaching, and half-term upon us, it is the perfect time to have a little bit of fun. No matter whether you are throwing a party or enjoying Halloween with your nearest and dearest at home, making some Halloween themed food and drinks can be a fun way to celebrate. If you’re not sure what you’d like to make, we’re sure you’ll find these Halloween recipes tasty, easy to make and perfect for this time of year.

Halloween Food Spread

Eyeball Pasta

For this Halloween based dish, you’ll need to grab your trusty pans and boil up some spaghetti. In a separate pan, combine chopped tomatoes, basil and even some hidden vegetables to make a simple marinara sauce, or buy one ready-made. Meanwhile, make and grill some meatballs with a circle of cheese on top and a sliced olive to make eyeballs. Nestle them within the spaghetti and serve.

Skull devilled eggs

Next, we have Halloween-tastic, skull-shaped devilled eggs. These devilled eggs have an easy but effective twist and this involves using a straw to give them a spooky, skeletal appearance. To make these devilled eggs, you will need eggs (boiled of course!), mayonnaise, vinegar, red pepper strips, salt, black pepper, and paprika, as well as optional crushed corn chips. You can use a mixture of different food colours to mix things up a bit too.

Halloween Mummy Hot Dogs

Halloween Recipes - Mummy Hot Dogs

A very easy but also incredibly effective suggestion is to create your own Halloween mummy hot dogs. For this recipe, all you need to do is cut croissant dough into strips, and then roll them around frankfurters. Cook them and serve with your favourite dip. Don’t forget to add eyes – do little dollops of cream cheese with cut up black olives for the pupils.

Mini monster burgers

Another fun Halloween treat we love is mini monster burgers. There are a lot of different ways that you can go about creating monster burgers. Once you’ve put you burgers in the frying pan, grab a chopping board and your ingredients and get creative. You could cut the sliced cheese into fang shapes and add ketchup for some blood. A lot of people like to use olives for the eyes, or you can cut up a pepper. If you really feel like getting inventive, you can create different characters. All you need to do is a quick search on the likes of Instagram and we are sure that you will find plenty of inspiration for this one.

Pastry Snakes

Another idea that works well at this time of year is pastry snakes. You can serve these pastry snakes at any Halloween party. They are incredibly easy to make, as you essentially just roll the pastry into the shape of snakes and top them with different seeds to keep the flavour interesting. Adding a selection of dips for the pastry is a must. This is a simple and effective treat that beats the traditional breadstick at this time of year. Some of the different seeds that you may want to use to top the pastry include celery seeds, sesame seeds, nigella seeds, and poppy seeds. You can also add some grated parmesan for some extra flavour. And what’s more, if you’re short on time, you don’t have to fuss around with making your own pastry either, as you can easily use the ready-rolled puff pastry that you can get in most supermarkets.

Halloween Slash Cake

The first of our sweet Halloween recipes is a Halloween Slash Cake. Combining red food colouring, strawberry jam, and fondant icing, this cake makes a big impression, and it tastes amazing as well.

Toffee apples

Toffee Apples

What is Halloween without some toffee apples? To make traditional toffee apples, you will need some good quality red apples, as well as golden syrup, golden syrup, and caster sugar. A few drops of red food colouring can also be added if you like. You will also need to buy some lolly sticks for the apples as well so that people can easily hold onto them while they eat. That way, you can avoid sticky fingers.

Edible fake blood

Edible fake blood has many different uses when it comes to your Halloween catering ideas. You can use it to decorate your bakes and cakes and you may even want to use it as a sweet dipping sauce. The options are endless, yet it is something that is a must when it comes to tasty Halloween treats. Like a lot of the Halloween recipes we refer to in this post, it is very easy to make edible fake blood and does not require a lot of ingredients. All you will need is some glucose syrup, water or cherry juice, cornflour, and yellow, blue, and red food colouring.

Grasshopper Cocktail

If you are looking for a cocktail for the adults to enjoy while the children are busy getting treats from all the neighbours, this cocktail is a great choice. The bright colour of the cocktail is something that will immediately catch the attention of others and impress your guests. The good news is that it is also a drink that is very easy to make, as there are only four ingredients; 1 part single cream,  1 part white creme de cacao, 1 part creme de menthe, and ice. Shake quickly in a cocktail shaker then strain into a cocktails glass. If you’re feeling extra fancy, garnish with chocolate shavings and a sprig of mint. 

Halloween Punch

Last but not least, another one of our favourite Halloween recipes is Halloween punch. This is a great mocktail recipe, so it is suitable for all ages. Of course, you can add vodka or gin to the mix if you want to create a tasty treat for adults only. To make this tasty drink mix cranberry juice, as well as lemonade,  slices of lime and some large added gummi worms.  

There you have it; some of our favourite Halloween recipes. We hope you have found something that appeals to your tastebuds. Not only are the recipes that we have mentioned above fun and tasty to eat, but they are also incredibly enjoyable to make as well. You can have a lot of fun making these treats and then tucking into them on Halloween itself, but there are no rules when it comes to Halloween treats, so you can add a spooky touch to any recipe or snack and we are sure it will go down well.

Halloween Food Main Photos by Daisy Anderson from Pexels

Halloween Hot Dogs photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com

Toffee Apple Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

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