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Father’s Day activities to celebrate Dad

Another Father’s Day is soon, so now is the time to celebrate the father figures in your life. With that in mind, we explore some Father’s Day activities Dad will love.

1. Cook him his favourite meal or…

Show Dad you care with a gorgeous hearty, home-cooked meal. If Dad isn’t an early riser, get your pans out and cook Dad a brunch of eggs or bake him something sweet.

Later if the weather’s good, a Dad-themed BBQ in the garden is a perfect low-pressure way to celebrate Dad, have some family time and enjoy the sun too!

2. …Take him out to lunch

If cooking isn’t your forte, take your Dad out for a bite to eat at his favourite restaurant. Plenty of places will be having Father’s Day specials, so watch out for those. Also remember to book soon as bookings are sure to fill up!

3. Have a film day

Family laughing watching a film

An at-home cinema day is one of the most low-cost Father’s Day activities. Draw the curtains and grab some snacks (popcorn anyone?) for a marathon of all Dad’s favourite films. From action to comedy, there’s plenty of fabulous ones to choose from!

4. Listen to some great music

Have a party filled with Dad’s favourite musicians or check out some live bands in the afternoon. Often pubs host really good local bands, plus you could throw in a tasty Sunday roast too!

5. Enjoy a play or comedy show

If your Dad is into the arts, a matinee theatre show is a fun idea. If not, enjoy some Dad jokes at a comedy club!

6. Watch a game

Whether live or from the comfort of the living room, indulge in a sport-loving Dad’s favourite pastime, by watching their favourite team! Don’t forget the snacks!

7. Help Dad out with some chores

Whether it’s watering your Father’s beloved plants, helping with his cleaning chores, hoovering and washing the car or finishing painting around the house, do some of Dad’s jobs for him so he can put his feet up!

8. Have a picnic

family picnic

Weather permitting, buy or make some picnic bites and have a picnic in your local park.

9. Get competitive with a games night

Whether you’re into board games or video games, a good old fashioned games night will entertain any competition-loving Dad!

10. Have a staycation…

Explore a neighbouring city or a scenic country town or go to the seaside and enjoy a stick of rock and fish and chips!

11. …Or go abroad!

If you can, enjoy a last minute trip overseas to somewhere nice and hot! Don’t forget your sunscreen.

12. Go on a scenic hike

Pop on some comfortable walking shoes and go for a lovely walk in nature. If you’re in the city, go to a local park. If in the country, explore a walking trail and get immersed in some gorgeous wildlife.

13. Give Dad a new look

How about giving Dad a nice shave at home or getting his hair and beard trimmed at a barber? It will make him look and feel fabulous.

14. Have a family sports day

If Dad is into keeping fit, why not have a sports day filled with different competitions (egg and spoon race anyone?) and award a prize to the person who gets the most points!

If Dad fancies doing something else active, grab some fitness equipment and do a workout together. There are plenty of good, family-friendly ones on YouTube.

15. Do absolutely nothing!

Dad and daughter on Father's Day

Maybe Dad doesn’t have the energy to do Father’s Day activities, and that’s okay too. Just spend some quality time with him to show him you love him.

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