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Christmas Decoration Ideas For 2021

The countdown to Christmas is upon us! Even if you haven’t yet put up your Christmas decorations you will certainly be thinking about Christmas decoration ideas.

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to really get creative and there are plenty of wonderful Christmas decoration ideas in the shops and online that will help you to plan the perfect festive theme for both inside and outside your home. Of course, some people enjoy making their own decorations or using a mixture of homemade and shop bought – anything goes. Here are some Christmas decoration ideas to get you started this festive season.

Christmas decoration ideas

1)Christmas card tree

If you are one of those people who still receive lots of Christmas cards, finding a way to display them can be a challenge. Why not pick a theme, perhaps a colour or a type of card, and use it to create a Christmas tree shaped display in your hallway? For an extra special touch add a large plant pot at floor level filled with fake Christmas presents. Simple and very effective!

2)Christmas Card holders

If you prefer to display your Christmas cards in a more traditional way, then there are plenty of alternatives in the shops from metal shapes with loops that you can slot the cards into to ribbons with little pegs that can be hung around the home with cards clipped in. If you have a glue gun, then get your Christmas craft on – you could make something similar yourself with some festive ribbon and some miniature clothes pegs.

3)Buy a Christmas wreath…

A door wreath is a great way to add a festive touch to your front door and there are plenty to choose from in the stores, from the more natural looking ones full of foliage to those that are full of colour. If you want to change the look of your front door every year, then consider buying a fresh wreath filled with fir branches and holly berries – these can usually be found in a high street grocery store or a local market. Alternatively there are plenty of local wreath-making classes at this time of year.

4) …Or spruce up an old one!

Woman making Christmas wreath

If you have an older artificial wreath that needs a bit of a spruce up, then this is surprisingly easy to do at home. Remove any tired elements of the wreath and then fill in the gaps. Look for smaller baubles or artificial foliage on wires and carefully add these to your wreath, twisting them onto the frame to attach them. Carry on until you have the desired effect.

5)Make a great first impression

If you really want to wow your festive guests, then drape your door with a garland that matches your door wreath. You could also consider small planters of bushes filled with weather-safe fairy lights and baubles either side of your door to pull the whole look together.

6)Christmas stockings

Christmas Stocking

It is never too late to start a tradition of hanging stockings up for Santa. If you are looking for a craft project the whole family can get stuck into this Christmas why not consider making your own. Download a stocking template from the internet (there are plenty to choose from) and create a basic stocking for everyone – it is best to stitch your two sides of the stocking together as this will make it as sturdy as possible – a Magic Stitch could be really useful here. Now you can decorate. Depending on the age of your family members you may prefer to use a trusty glue gun to do this, however sewing is also a great way to decorate a stocking. Remember to stitch a ribbon loop into the top so you can hang them up.

7)Go bold with colour

If you fancy a change from the more traditional Christmas colour palette then go for it. There is no reason why you can’t create a really new and interesting look by combining a completely different selection of colours to make a bold statement in your home. We love pink trees

8)Mini trees

Christmas decoration ideas don’t need to be complicated to be effective. If you love Christmas trees, then why not consider purchasing several smaller trees that you could place on side tables or in the corners of your rooms. You could even let your children have their own tree to decorate, and encourage them to create their own ornaments to stick on their tree.

9)Make a modern twig tree

If you fancy a more budget friendly option to the small tree idea, then head outdoors and look for a couple of larger twigs to use as twig trees. Make sure to choose something with a few “branches”. Add some paint or fake snow to the twig for extra effect and then decorate it with tiny ornaments before placing it in a vase.

10)Indoor garlands

Christmas decoration ideas: woman putting Christmas Garland together

If you fancy adding a project to your Christmas decoration ideas list this year, then why not create your own fabric garland for indoors. These are great for decorating your staircase or hallway. This is a great way to put your sewing skills to work and create some fabric foliage, small stockings, stars, or any other festive ideas you can think of. Use vibrant fabrics and add a bit of sparkle. Then, using your sewing machine, stitch all of your decorations onto a length of ribbon ready for hanging up.

11)Too many baubles?

Whilst we think there really is no such thing as too many baubles, the branches of your tree might disagree. Use some extra sparkly ones to create a festive centrepiece. Fill a large festive plate or dish with a mixture of cleverly arranged baubles and foliage to create a gorgeous focal point.

12)Don’t forget the kitchen

Consider Christmas decoration ideas for the kitchen that incorporate festive flavours. Wreaths of dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks, a small tree adorned with candy canes and of course adorable felt ornaments in the shape of gingerbread men could all work well. These are all great ways to make sure that the heart of your house is a festive haven.

Which of these festive Christmas decoration ideas will you be trying this year?

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